Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bananas in Pyjamas new iPhone app review and DVD giveaway!

On Wednesday there were 2 new Bananas in Pyjamas apps for the iPhone released and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review them.

The girls love Bananas in Pyjamas (even though they drive me bonkers with their 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1? I think I am B2') but it's just a bit of fun.

We had a quick play of the apps after we downloaded them and they are very simple even for my 2 year old to use.

 The first one is called Beach Fun which you can squirt sunscreen all over the bananas faces (which makes a funny sound) then rub it in, pick what hats and sunglasses for them to wear (pirate hats, sombreros and Dame Edna style glasses are some of the options) and build sandcastles to decorate with shells, sticks, flags and leaves. The cost of this app is $1.99. I think my girls liked the sunscreen the best for the sound it makes and getting to rub it in. They also like how their choices are often 'bananariffic' when choosing items.

The second one is Say Cheese which, as it sounds, involves the use of the iPhone camera. First you choose the border you want to use between 11 options including a birthday and a Christmas theme. Then take the photo of what you want in the frame and decorate it with 'stickers'. You can then send the photos like any normal picture taken with the iPhone camera. This app costs $2.99. This would be a good one for use through out the year, they could send Christmas Banana pictures of them to their friends (parents iPhones) to wish them a happy Christmas and the same goes on birthdays

The girls really put the test this morning while we were out having a meal, they took turns doing a Banana each with the sunscreen and decorating which kept them entertained until the food arrived. I think the best ages for it would be between 2 - 5 year olds as over 5's would probably get bored with the games very quickly.

If you want to download these new apps click on the titles of them to take you to them in the app store.
Thanks to ABC for Kids via Digital Parents I have a copy of Bananas in Pyjamas "The Magic Trick" DVD to give away! It's very easy to enter, all you need to do is leave a comment or send me an email at with your answer to this question. If you have downloaded one of the apps what is your child's favourite part of it or what is your child's favourite episode of the Bananas in Pyjamas series on the ABC?

Chance plays no part in this competition so be creative, one entry per household, entries close 25th December 2011 the winner will be announced one the blog 26th December.

Disclosure: I received complimentary downloads of the Bananas in Pyjamas iPhone apps and a giveaway copy of Bananas in Pyjamas "The Magic Trick" DVD courtesy of ABC for Kids via Digital Parents. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

**The winner is Racheal Knusden. My 4 year old decided the winner as she also loves the fruit salad episode and is now sleep walking around my lounge! Here's Racheals answer:
My kids favourite episode of Banana’s is the mystery of the disappearing fruit salad! Hayden thinks its hilarious watching Morgan go into the Banana’s house and pinch the fruit salad out of their fridge every night!

Congrats Racheal and hope your kids enjoy The Magic Trick DVD!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A big thankyou to all the fabulous businesses that took part in our 13 days of giveaways and also thankyou to all those that entered whether it was just the one time or every single day. It was great fun and great to see some new faces around the page.

Now to the bit that you all want to know, the WINNERS!

Day 1 from Little TOTS & Beyond the winner was Megan Canfarini

Day 2 with the Agoo water bottles, black was won by Melissa Smith and Pink by Anna Cotter

Day 3 those awesome boots from Allsorts4kids was won by Candice Ecclestone

Day 4 the choice of a piece of Minifin clothing from Denim Baby was Cassandra Merrick

Day 5 Rudy and the Dodo Jellystone designs pieces was Stephanie Young

Day 6 Adorable Affordable's Noah's Ark was Amanda Anderson

Day 7 winners of personalised Jelly Bean Books were Erin Bender, Taryn Hammond and Renee Baker

Day 8 with first prize from Cherry Blossom Wigs going to Marsha Bennett and 2nd, 3rd & 4th being Morena Dobrowolski, Evelina Dobrowolski & Natalie Blanch

Day 9 the Bubbalooz pack was won by Toni Hill

Day 10 that cute Smiley Tot froggy was won by Olivia Flanagan

Day 11 Jan Kunde will have a gorgeous looking girl in a Mini Diva Tutu's Christmas tutu

Day 12 Rebecca Hendy can choose an Alex&Ant water bottle from Designs4kids

Day 13 our first one was from Taylor-Maed by Me and the winner of the toy clip was Kellie Hammond

Day 13 second one from Abi's Inspirations with that cute gingerbread set was Racheal Knudsen

And the final day 13 winner was Nicole White winning the huge pack from Clips for my Girls!

PHEW! That is a lot of winners! If it is premade selection for your prize I will contact you for your address and send it to the store, if it is something you need to choose (personalised books, pick a piece of clothing etc) I will give the store your email address to contact you.

Merry Christmas and thankyou once again for being a part of the fun!

Only 10 people managed to complete all 15 stores questions! I've put their names into Random and the winner was Kellie! Congrats Kellie! I will be in contact with you about your special prize soon :)

And finally on the thirteenth day of Christmas Clips for my Girls gave me....

A HUGE pack of hairclips and headbands!

Our last winner gets all of these goodies from Clips for my Girls. I've managed to grab a few clips from Clips for my Girls at the markets and they are all gorgeous! The girls have fun choosing their favourites and I have to tell them just one each!

To win this fabulous pack you have to email your answers to with the subject: 13th day of Christmas 3

All answers can be found on the Clips for my Girls Facebook page.

Question 1: Head to the *Fabric Flowers* album, how many mini fabric flowers are in the hand picture #19?

Question 2: How much are the 20mm woven headbands?

Question 3: Which *Mixed Set* is your favourite?


Thankyou for participating and all winners will be announced tomorrow!

Monday, December 12, 2011

On the thirteenth day of Christmas next I was given from Abi's Inpirations...

A super cute Gingerbread onesie and nappy cover in size 12-18 months!

Everything at Abi's Inpirations is handmade by Jen from clothing to hair clips. I adore the little Christmas dresses.

Make sure you check out her Christmas Market special of buy one get the second item HALF PRICE!

To win this gorgeous set email your answers to with the subject: 13th day of Christmas 2

All answers can be found at Abi's Inpirations Facebook page.

Question 1: In the 'Christmas Market' album, picture #54 what is on the first stocking?

Question 2: In the 'Past Orders' album how many sets are in picture #13?

Question 3: From the 'Fabrics available now' which is your favourite?



On the thirteenth day of Christmas firstly Taylor-Maed gave to me....

Lots of giveaways today! To start us off we have Taylor-Maed by Me with a toy clip. As someone who has a throwing baby this would be a godsend from picking up teething toys every few steps at the shop or losing them! The winner gets their choice of the designs.

They may not be taking any more custom orders for the rest of the year but still plenty ready to go in the Ready to Post album!

To win this prize send your answers to with the subject: 13th day of Christmas #1

All answers can be found on the Taylor-Maed Facebook page.

Question 1: In the 'Ready to post' album what is the name of the mini giraffe in picture #8?

Question 2: There are lots of 'Happy Customers' Who is enjoying their rattle ball in picture #10?

Question 3: Which is your favourite Toy Animal?



Sunday, December 11, 2011

On the twelth day of Christmas Designs4kids gave to me.....

The winners choice of Alex&Ant drink bottles!

Today the brand new store Designs4kids are letting the winner choose between the different designs of Alex&Ant stainless steel drink bottles they have in stock including owl pictured above, pirate, rocket and more!

Designs4kids website will be launching Wednesday and there are many opening specials including 30% off Tommy Rocket and Two Belles on pre-order or you can get 25% off STOREWIDE for the first 5 days PLUS FREE express post when you spend over $99! They have some of my favourite brands coming including Tiger Tribe, Aden and Anais, Bebe and of course Alex&Ant.

To win today you need to send your answers to with the subject: 12th day of Christmas

All answers can be found on the Designs4kids Facebook page

Question 1: In the 'Whimsy Kids Linen' album what kind of tree is the name of the range in picture #5?

Question 2: Which is your favourite design in the 'Beatrix New York' range?

Question 3: Tiger Tribe is currently in stock! How many stamps are in the dinosaur stamp-a-story picture #23?



Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the eleventh day of Christmas Mini Diva Tutu's & Accessories gave to me.....

 A gorgeous Christmas tutu! Our winner for today will get their tutu in either a size 6-12 months or 3-5 years.

All tutus are handmade and sewn not tied and have a clip attached that can be used as a matching hair accessory.

They have a special of FREE postage for the rest of the year on all orders!
To win todays prize send your answers through to with the subject: 11th day of Christmas

All answers can be found on the Mini Diva Tutu & Accessories Facebook page

Question 1: So many gorgeous colours, which 2 would you choose for your dream tutu?

Question 2: How much is it for a 1-3 year old tutu? (if you are having trouble finding it look at the sections under the profile pic!)

Question 3: Head to the 'Works in progress' album and click on picture #7, what colours are used?



On the tenth day of Christmas Smiley Tots Clothing gave to me.....

A cute spotty frog!

I love Smiley Tots! Not only are the faces behind Smiley Tots lovely (and very smiley!) the prices are fantastic! C has enjoyed wearing her Christmas tee to all our Christmas events so far and in tomorrows prize you will see a Smiley Tot tee teamed up with a tutu!

You can still grab some Christmas bargains in their sale album but be quick there isn't much left!

To win today once again you need to send your answers to with the subject: 10th day of Christmas

All answers can be found on the Smiley Tots Clothing website.

Question 1: How much can you get the Space Applique on a onesie for?

Question 2: One of the toys has a flower name, what is it?

Question 3: Yee haw! How much is it for the cowgirls set in size 5?


Go go goooo!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the ninth day of Christmas Bubbalooz gave to me....

 Todays competition is open to both those in Australia and NZ and is bought to you by Bubbalooz. They have put up the cute Kitty Crayon eggs pictured above which the winner gets to choose 6 and also a lucky dip of the loveheart magnets pictured below by Tinch.

Also for today only Bub & Moo likers get 15% off anything in store INCLUDING Sale items!! Use the code BUBMOO at checkout.
To win todays send your answers to with the subject: 9th day of Christmas

All the answers can be found in Bubbalooz website.

Question 1: How much is the Noah and Bells Lemon Lola dress on sale for?

Question 2: How many eyes does the Little Uglies Mini Target have?

Question 3: Of the Mini Nesting Suitcases which is your favourite design?


Best of luck!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the eighth day of Christmas Cherry Blossom Wigs gave to me....

Lots of winners today thanks to Cherry Blossom Wigs! First prize is a $25 voucher and felt flower headband then the 3 runner-ups each get a felt flower headband.

Those that have little girls into dancing would find Cherry Blossom Wigs a great store for those hairpieces they need for concerts and if you are into pageants they are often used there too.

To win one of todays prizes all you need to do is email your answers to with the subject: 8th day of Christmas

All the answers can be found on Cherry Blossom Wigs website.

Question 1: For the little ones their is the 'Little Lacies', what colours do the headbands come in?

Question 2: What is the 'Petal' hairpiece product description?

Question 3: How much are the 'Scruchie Piggies'?



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On the seventh day of Christmas Jelly Bean books gave to me....

I'm lucky enough to have a personalised book already from Jelly Bean Books and it is a favourite for my girls. Today we will have THREE lucky winners with the first person winning 2 deluxe books and 2nd and 3rd get one each.

And just for Bub & Moo likers a 10% discount available until 16/12/11 with the code BUBMOO2011 so grab one for each child!

To enter todays competition send your answers to with the subject: 7th day of Christmas

Answers can be found on Jelly Bean Books website

Question 1: Which book can you get in the Giant Personalised size?

Question 2: Who are the 2 that will write your child a personalised letter?

Question 3: How many Sesame Street books are there?


Remember 3 people win today so be QUICK!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

On the sixth day of Christmas Adorable Affordable gave to me....

**Please note with this prize winner must pay postage or pickup in Perth**

What a gorgeous prize we have today from Adorable Affordable, I think every child I know would love to wake up to that under their tree Christmas morning! This 32 peice Noah's Ark toy is $39.95

Adorable Affordable is a brick & mortar shop located in Perth, they stock a huge range of beautiful items for little ones from toys to clothes to decor and more! Great spot to drop in and pick up some quality Christmas gifts for the little ones in your life.

For TODAY ONLY Bub & Moo likers get 25% off STOREWIDE!!!! All you need to do is mention Bub & Moo.

So to win todays prize head to Adorable Affordables website where all the answers can be found.

Send your answers to with the subject: 6th day of Christmas

Question 1: It's a rainy day in Perth today, how much is the Duck Umbrella?

Question 2: What is the Echidna toys name?

Question 3: Don't forget Mum, what is your favourite design in the Ioco coffee traveller?


Best of luck!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the fifth day of Christmas Rudy & the Dodo gave to me....

 Today our winner will love these prizes! Thanks to Rudy and the Dodo we have the cute owl pendant above and the suckable bangle below by jellystone designs up for grabs! Love the awesome colours and that they are Mum friendly. BPA, PVC, Cadmium and lead free silicone there is now no need to drag along a heap of teething toys for bub when you are out.

Rudy and the Dodo are also currently having a Facebook pre-Chrissy sale so head over there and check out the bargains but be quick as they are being nabbed up at super speed!
To win this awesome prize the answers to the following questions can be found on Rudy and the Dodo's website.

Send your answers to with the subject: 5th day of Christmas

Question 1: How many items are in the "HO HO HO festive" category?

Question 2: What powers one of the little wooden boats along?

Question 3:  What shape is the Janod Shape Sorter in?



Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the forth day of Christmas Denim Baby gave to me....

Denim Baby have really found a great range here with Minifin, for once I like the boys range even more than the girls! I love the little helicopters, trucks and bulls, just so cute and simple. From the girls range I love the strawberry tee pictured below and the long sleeved rompers which are great when you use a gro-bag.

Bub & Moo likers can ever get 25% off ALL children's clothing until the 25th Dec 2011 with the code 'bubmoo' at checkout so that with their Facebook 25% off toys makes for some happy shoppers!

Also, they have a competition going to win some wooden toys just in time for Christmas, you can find the entry form here.

Now to win todays prize of a piece from the Minifin Summer range in the available sizes and stock all you need to do is....

Head to Denim Babys website.

Send your answers to with the subject: 4th day of Christmas

Question 1: What is the name of one of the creatures on one of the Cocoon Couture bean bags?

Question 2:  How much is the Metallic Cowboy Star Cot Sheet Set?

Question 3: 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!!! Which tee do you think I'm looking at?


Best of luck!

On the third day of Christmas Allsorts4kids gave to me....

What a fabulous prize is up for grabs today! It is definitely worth the wait!!

Thanks to Allsorts4kids the winner has THEIR choice of Old West boots in the sizes available on the site which range from newborn up to big kids size 3. I love the ones pictured below, YEHAW!

Once you've entered check out their site as there is FREE shipping until Christmas Day with the code 'merrychristmas'

So to get your hands (or feet) on a pair of these all you have to do is....

Visit Allsorts4kids website to find the answers

Email your answers to

Subject: 3rd day of Christmas

Question 1: What type of wrestling is on one of the boys Run Scotty Run tees?

Question 2: What is printed on the library bag?

Question 3: What type of birds are on one of the girls rash vests?



Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the second day of Christmas Agoo gave to me....

We have so much Agoo around this house! I have never found another clothing range that has the sun protection, ease to clean, easy to play in and no need to iron like I have with Agoo!

Agoo currently have a mega sale going on, the prices are unbelievable. With up to 76% off you are sure to find something within your price range PLUS they have an extra just for Bub & Moo likers, mention that we sent you and they will throw in some of their quality wooden coathangers with your order!

Now onto the bit you are probably all looking for....

All answers can be found in their webpage and here's a hint, search could be the difference between winning or just missing out!

Send your answers to with the Subject: 2nd day of Christmas

Please state whether you would like the PINK or BLACK waterbottle

Question 1: Check out the Monkey legwarmers, what is the monkeys name?

Question 2: What UV rating are the Twozie Hoodies?

Question 3: What special price are the Happy Dresses?


Remember even if you think you are to slow still get your questions in as you may win the extra prize for someone that does all the questions.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the first day of Christmas Little TOTS & beyond gave to me....

 Little TOTS & Beyond have been super generous to one lucky liker today! One little girl will be beautifully dressed this Summer with a Girls Cupcake Tee - Pink & Brown Size 1 - 2 years and Spotty Nappy Cover Set - Cupcake Red by Little Monstas Size 1.

All answers to their questions can be found on their Facebook page.

Send your answers to with the Subject: First day of Christmas

Question 1: How many icecreams are on the dress coming soon?

Question 2: In the Christmas Clothing album what is written on the outfit in picture #2?

Question 3: When is the 500 liker MEGA sale open until?


Winner will be announced on the 14th December, goodluck!!

Think you might have been to slow? Still send your answers through as someone that does the questions every day has a chance to win too!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The (insert number here) days of Christmas!

Every competition I do I get more jealous of the prizes each time! This time I'm extra jealous!

I'll start with how things will run.

During each day I will do a blog post for the store up that day, the first person to email me with the correct answers wins! You only get one prize from the whole promotion so if you are first 2 times you only get the one you were first for first. It will never be earlier than 7am WST (10am AEDT, 9am qld) and no later than 7pm WST. As soon as I do the blog post up I will post it on the Bub & Moo Facebook page.

The competition is open to everyone in Australia, postage is provided unless stated. Some of the companies are from NZ so NZers feel free to enter those days!

The nitty gritty
- Judges decision is final
- 1 win per person
- any missing prizes aren't the responsibility of Bub & Moo though we will try and help out if there are any problems
- no purchase or payment is necessary to enter
- winners will be announced the day after the final days competition
- this is a game of skill
- play nice! There will never be a time of posting that would be suitable for everyone to no whinging!!

Email entries to

in the subject line have which day you are entering ie Subject: 1st day of Christmas

All you need inside is your name and answers!


Friday, November 25, 2011

12 days of Christmas (or maybe 13)

So I was laying in bed last night and thinking how it had been a while since the last giveaway so started thinking about something a bit different so here goes.....

One company a day over 12 days. A giveaway and maybe something to entice shopping, discount code, free shipping or adding something if X amount is spent.

During that companies day I will do a blog with 3 questions about products or information about that company and the first person to email correctly would win! People could only win once during the whole giveaway period but they won't know if they won until the last day when they are all announced plus there will be a giveaway from me (day 13) to someone that has completed every days questions.

Let me know if you are interested in being one of the 12 companies at

I know it's a bit last minute but hopefully I can pull it all together as it would be lots of fun! :)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

A handmade Christmas

Wow post #100 and just in time for my Christmas blogs! Was hard to narrow things down as there are so many gorgeous items on offer out there so here are so of my favourites. (I want them all!)

First is Christmas to wear, in a circle starting top left.

This gorgeous pinafore dress is from Possum & Sweetpea. The also have a few other designs and fabrics with most priced around the $30 mark. Check out their Facebook page for more details or how to order.

Next is the very cool Naughty or Nice tees from Oh Deer Me!  They are $18 each and available in sizes 00, 0 2, 4, 6 & 8. Head to their Facebook page and they also have a Made It store.

We all know how hot it can get at Christmas time in Australia so little bubs can stay cool and still look Christmassy in this cute Santa MCN from A Knight's Tail. She's currently not taking custom orders so you will have to keep an eye on the Facebook page for when they open again.

And finally the Reindeer sleeveless Tee from Monkeys Over the Moon. It's a size 3, handstitched and can by yours for $25.
Next are the handmade other Christmas items.

Top left this cute Reindeer Toy is $40 from Little Sew & Sews. If you are in Perth you might be lucky enough to see them around the market scene otherwise head to their Facebook page for details.

Top right are Rustic Tin Christmas ornaments from Creative Sentiments. Price is yet to be advised but check out their Facebook page for updates. I really love the wooden ones aswell and you can see them in this album.

And finally bottom right how is Santa meant to get in when you don't have a chimney? With Santa's Magic Key of course! These are $24.95 each and come with a metal key and room for some treats for the reindeers, you can find them at Noahs.Art.Nursery on Facebook.

And finally, I had to add these ones on as they are just to gorgeous not to share!!

On the left are some of the hair accessories available at Madeleine Design Hair Accessories. There is an album of all the designs available on Facebook so be sure to check it out if you need that finishing touch to an outfit.

And on the right is this divine romper made of 100% cotton by Robintail. They are priced at $45 each and available on their website.
How about a handmade Christmas? Make sure you get in early for Handmade Christmas items as most are custom done and fill very quickly!

Feel free to share links to any other great Christmas handmade products you know of.

More Christmas blogs to come this week!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mumma Loves Bubba winner!

What a fantastic response we had to our Mumma Loves Bubba giveaway!

I have seen the Love to swaddle up 50/50 wrap popping up in shops everywhere so it's obviously a great product and the lucky person getting one for free is......

Kimberley Belford! Congrats Kimberley, I hope you have a bubba or know a bubba coming soon that will get good use out of the wrap. Please email Mumma Loves Bubba at to claim your prize!

Thanks so much to Mumma Loves Bubba for the fantastic giveaway and I hope you will all show them lots of support in the future.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mumma loves Bubba + giveaway!

 What a great store Mumma loves Bubba is! When I first had a look around I was amazed by the range of products they had, it's a Mum 2 Be's one stop shop with everything from nappies to baby carriers!

Mumma loves Bubba's aim is to provide high quality which are also eco friendly products.

Being a bit of a bag addict I headed straight to the nappy bags where you can find both Babymel and OiOi in stock. I was drawn to the OiOi Antique White English Rose Hobo Diaper Bag pictured above ($179) which comes with everything you need and free shipping! For a cheaper option I love the Babymel London white floral diaper bag ($129) which still has the free shipping too.

Now check out this amazing product below. This set by Yoomi warms the milk to the perfect temperature in 60 seconds!!! I am so interested to see how it works. Apparently you charge it by warming in a steriliser or a pan of boiling water and then its good to go whenever you need it later! Perfect for those middle of the night feeds or if you are leaving bub with someone while you head out and they don't know how to warm a bottle. You can get each thing individually of as below in the starter pack for $49.95.
 In the baby carriers they have a range of ERGObaby carriers and also the Manduca. The Manduca baby carrier is made from organic cotton and hemp and comes in a great range of colours. Like the ERGO it holds bub in the M shape for their hips and legs which is the best way to support them rather than the crotch carry on a lot of other baby carriers. It also has a built in newborn insert so suitable from 3.5kgs.

A lot of Mums have been asking on my FB page lately about the little ones having problems with eczema and a lot of the answers where others that swore by goat's milk. You can grab a range of Billie Goat Soap products from Mumma loves Bubba including bath soak, body wash, the cleansing bars and even a gift pack which would be a great baby shower present.
Make sure you also have a look at their specials page where you can grab a bargain or two!

Mumma loves Bubba has been very generous and offered one Bub & Moo reader the chance to win the Love to swaddle up 50/50 (pictured above, RRP $49.95). Perfect for those bubs that like to soothe themselves sucking on a finger or when they are moving from the fully swaddled stage to being unwrapped. You start with your newborn having both wings attached, they can sleep with their arms up (which is apparently better for them!)  then you take one wing off and then about 3 weeks later you can take both wings off and you are left with a lightweight sleeping bag! Wish these were around when I had my first!

Now how to win. For 1 entry into the competition head over to Mumma loves Bubba's FB page and write 'new liker from Bub & Moo' and if you would like 2 entries into the competition, sign up for their newsletter (through 'my account') and head to their FB page and write 'new liker and newsletter subscriber from Bub & Moo', simple!

**And as a fantastic offer Bub & Moo subscribers/likers are entitled to free shipping for orders over $50 by selecting 'pickup' at checkout and mentioning Bub & Moo! That is awesome! Happy shopping for anyone that takes up that offer!**

Now the nitty gritty
- Australia only
- one entry per person, per household
- competition opens 5 October 2011 4pm and goes until Friday 14th October 2011 11.59pm AEST
- Bub & Moo hold no responsibility of lost/not sent prizes

Monday, October 3, 2011

Stork's Corner and my first fashion show!

 What a fun day we had at the Stork's Corner fashion parade! I had to take my 2 eldest along as my husband was at Gymbaroo with our youngest but they were provided with lollipops while watching so were happy!

On arrival we were given a delicious cookie that had some very Oobi looking cherries on top and a list of all the pieces that were going to be shown so we could tick off the ones we might want to buy (oh so tempting!) and a raffle ticket.

The kids in the show did so well walking out and even doing a few dance moves though the littlest one came out in her own time and didn't want to get out of her cuddlefish bathers.

Now let me just get through all these gorgeous pieces shown in the photos. In the picture above the boys are in the new Electric Boy tees which are seriously cool with Rock Your Baby denim shorts and the girls are in the same dresses featured in the photo below, left to right then top to bottom are....
The Oobi shrug in scarlett with the Rock You Baby Dolly dress, then the Rock Your Baby Collar Dress in black and also from Rock Your Baby the Mad Men Dress, top right is the girls strutting down the catwalk, middle right is little Lexi in the Cheeseclothe dress from Purebaby and Alyssa in Rock Your Baby Bowtie top and Rock Your Baby Twirl skirt and Madison Grace Designs hair bow and finally bottom right is Hannah in the Oobi Holly Dress with Oobi hairbow.
 Now onto the boys! They were all looking very cool in their outfits and there is so much more funky, fashionable clothes for boys coming up this Summer.
On the left Ryder is wearing a Rock Your Baby Western shirt with Rock Your baby cap, top right hes in the Oobi Emerson tee with Oobi check shorts and bottom right Rock Your Baby denim shorts, Rock Your Baby chimp tee and Rock Your Baby Fedora hat.
And finally the gorgeous Lexi again looking applicious in the Oobi Ava hat, Scratch n Sniff tee and the Oobi Molly shorts.
I managed to control myself and just got the Oobi Molly shorts and a Tiger Tribe stamp set and a book for the girls. I'm sure I'll be back though when the weather finally warms up in Perth!

It was so nice to see what the clothes looked like on without being edited or put in studio surroundings (they are even more gorgeous in real life!). We got a goodie bag on our way out and the items matched what I had bought, did they know me that well? lol

If you are in Perth head down to Myaree for a visit at Stork's Corner and see  for yourself, if you aren't in Perth you can still check them out online or give them a call as they ship orders for free when they are over $80!

**All the photographs above are my Lilypad Photography so please don't copy without permission**

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cupcakes & Pastries - Delish!

 I was so excited when my Cupcakes & Pastries order arrived, it looks even more beautiful in real life than it did on the screen!

I'm also very glad I got in before the AUS$ dropped!

A little about Cupcakes & Pastries first. It comes from L.A. in the USA so has a similar climate to much of Australia, the material is light for those warm days but still holds its vibrant colours. Cupcakes & Pastries was developed back in 2009 by a mother who wanted some fun dresses for afternoons of mother-daughter tea parties eating Cupcakes and Pastries which is how it all came about. The big advantage for us in Australia is that with the opposite seasons you can grab some bargains as they clear out their Summer stock.

Let me tell you a little about the items I bought.

Pictured above is one of the 'Mint' dresses. Multi-colored cotton print with crochet lace at neckline in contrast colors and tulle cap sleeves with Lurex stripes in base. The main colour features are Grey/Aqua. RRP is $58.00 but is now reduced to $44.00

Below is my favourite, I was drawn to the bright colours and design from when I first found Cupcakes & Pastries. It is one of the 'Pinnapple Cream' tops in the yellow. The Lurex base under the crochet makes it stand out from any other top. RRP is $42.00 but now on sale for $29.00.
 And finally, my favourite dress. I would've loved to have gotten this in all of the colours! I got this one in a size 5 so J can wear it next Summer aswell or with tights in the cooler months. This is from the 'Cherry' range of dresses in the purple with the turquoise lace over the top, my sister got the pink and it is beautiful aswell! It is lined so it gives the skirt more shape and the lace Lurex over the top makes it a little more special. RRP is $84.00 but now on sale for $58.00.

I also have the Sweet Face in the White/Pink Batik which is gorgeous and a great price and my sister got some of the Shortcake shorts which are very sweet and would go well with all the tops.

Use the Contact Us link to enquire about postage to Australia or if you'd be interested in becoming a stockist.

Monday, September 26, 2011


First of all I'd love to thank all the fabulous stores who put up the gorgeous items for the competition, without you it would not be fun and I wouldn't have stores to blog about! xx

And thank you to all those that entered and spread the word about the competition.

The first prize I drew was the Kid Nation Agency one as it was state specific. And the winner is.... Bronwyn S. Congrats Bronwyn and I hope you get some fabulous photos!

Next is that gorgeous French Toy Box from Rudy and the Dodo. The winner is...... Amanda C!

Now to Doll & Babes cute Summersuit. The winner is.... Megan C!

The cute book from Kind To Kidz is.... Peta!

The size 000 body suit from Bizibo is going to.... Toni!

That cool tee from Monkeys over the Moon is heading to.... Evelina!

Our first prize from Smiley Tots is the $30 voucher and the happy person spending it is.... Amy G!

And the other prize from Smiley Tots is one of their new vintage print tees which is going to.... Candice!

Next up for that fabulous library bag from Denim Baby the winner is..... Nicole!

Now our two winners from Gillian Kennedy - Independent Phoenix Trader

The girls card pack winner is Jessie!

and the Nativity winner is Marsha!

We also have 2 prizes of headbands from Cherry Blossom Wigs

The first is the Pink Flower headband which is going to Lisa B!

And the other is the Lace Headband which is going to Amy S!

The cute Chenille overalls from Steve Christides Photography was won by Caryn

And finally the winner for Bub & Moo was..... Virginia!!

PHEW!!! That was a lot of work. I will send the stores your email addys so they can get in touch with you about your prizes. Congrats to all the winners and I hope we can have this much fun again soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2500 and a lot of fun!

Yay! We did it! This last 100 seems to have taken quite a while but have now smashed past it!

We have so many great stores involved in this giveaway it should be lots of fun. Make sure you check that you are in the right state for the Kid Nation prize but all the rest are open to anyone in Australia.

Keeping it simple. If you want an entry you just have to like the businesses FB page. For an extra entry answer the question about them, for another entry sign up to their newsletter if they have one and finally for another make a purchase during the competition period. So you can earn up to 4 entries per prize!

Feel free to leave your comments here with your entries, I won't publish the ones with question answers until after the competition has closed or else email at
The links to the pages that the answers to questions are on is in the store name above the questions

So here we go....

Rudy and The Dodo for the prize of the Toy Chest
1. 'Like' Rudy and the Dodo on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - Who makes the Owl Pendant?
3. Purchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Sign up to the newsletter for an extra entry (bottom left of the home page)

Doll & Babes for the cute Summersuit
1. 'Like' Doll & Babes on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - What price was the girls sz 2-3 lacey Giraffe print skirt?
3. Purchase something during the competition period to gain another entry.

Kind to Kidz double sided book
1. 'Like' Kind to Kidz on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - How many wooden stick puppets are in the Boikido puppet theatre?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Sign up to the newsletter for an extra entry

Bizibo bodysuit
1. 'Like' Bizibo on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - Which is your favourite design for a bodysuit/tee?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry

Kid Nation Agency photo shoot (QLD, VIC or NSW only)
1. 'Like' Kid Nation Agency on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - What ages can participate in the Kid Nation Academy?
3. Sign up to their newsletter for another entry

Monkeys Over the Moon boys T-shirt
1. 'Like' Monkeys Over the Moon on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - On their Madeit site what size is the gingerbread house tee?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry

Smiley Tots $30 voucher
1. 'Like' Smiley Tots Clothing on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - How much is the cowgirls set in size 5?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Sign up to their newsletter for an extra entry

Smiley Tots retro vintage tee
1. 'Like' Smiley Tots Clothing on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - If I wanted the space applique on a black short sleeve tee (size 3) how much would it cost?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Sign up to their newsletter for an extra entry

Denim Baby Library Bag
1. 'Like' Denim Baby on Facebook
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - What is the size range of the Milky Boys Rocket Tee?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Sign up to their newsletter for an extra entry

Gillian Kennedy - Independent Phoenix Trader pack of 5 girls cards
1. 'Like' Gillian Kennedy - IPT on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - Yes Christmas is coming! How many snowmen are on the card Row of Snowmen?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Join her email list for an extra entry

Gillian Kennedy - Independent Phoenix Trader Nativity Advent Calendar
1. 'Like' Gillian Kennedy - IPT on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - How good are the babysitter notes? How many tear off pages are there?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Join her email list for an extra entry

Cherry Blossom Wigs Pink Flower headband
1. 'Like' Cherry Blossom Wigs on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - How many colours do the scrunchie piggies come in?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Sign up to their newsletter for an extra entry

Cherry Blossom Wigs Lace headband
1. 'Like' Cherry Blossom Wigs on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - How much is the Petal topknot headpiece?
3. Puchase something during the competition period to gain another entry
4. Sign up to their newsletter for an extra entry

Steve Christides Photography Chenille overalls
1. 'Like' Steve Christides Photography on FB
2. Answer this question for an extra entry - How much is it for a Cake Smash photo shoot?
3. Book in a photo shoot for an extra entry

Bub & Moo choice of items
1. 'Like' 
Bub & Moo on FB
2. Become a blog follower for an extra entry
3. Share this competition on FB or twitter for an extra entry (please provide link or @ on twitter)

The Rules and the rest ~
Entries open 19/9/11 and close 26/9/11 at 11.59pm WST
Entries only open to Australia
One entry per household and please don't share your answers.
Bub & Moo hold no responsibility for missing prizes or stores not sending them out though we will try and help if the prize is not honoured.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Skechers Shape Ups

Yay for comfy shoes, even more yay when they help you shape up!

I'm not one of those lucky people that after having a baby and breastfeeding that the weight just falls off (could be something to do with all the chocolate) so I've been looking for something else to help me on the journey to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

I've seen the different shoes around for a while and had always wondered how they would feel, if they worked and if the price was worth it. First came the MBTs with their HUGE price tag, no chance! I saw some cheaper versions at target/Kmart/BigW but they all felt really uncomfortable on my feet and looked really bad. Finally it was Skechers that won me over.
Don't mind the dodgy photography as my 4 year old took this picture when we were at the zoo.

Skechers make a huge range of styles in their Shape-ups, SRR, SRT and Tone-up shoes so there would be something for any taste. I have the Liv-Smart Black/Hot Pink pair and think they are very cool! I think I'm going to change the laces to the hot pink pair that came with them.

 The rocker sole simulates walking on wet sand, the perfect conditions for firming, toning and strengthening it is claimed so I've been wearing them every day since I got them including the trip to the zoo, heading to the shops and everywhere in between. They are so comfortable they just feel like a great pair of sneakers and I don't feel any pain or difficulties during or after wearing them. The Liv range doesn't look as bulky or as obvious as a curved base as a lot I have seen.

RRP is $129.95 but I regularly see them on special around the shops.

I'll be sure to keep you update over the Summer if they actually do shape me up (will try and lay off the chocolate to help it along) or even if they just lift a few bits I'd be happy!

Monday, September 5, 2011


With 3 little ones quite close together and getting out without a spare hand this little addition has given me much peace of mind. I used to get M or J to just hold onto the side of the pram but with the wide back wheels it often caught their foot so who would want to hold on? So along came the Tag*a*long!
As you can see it stands out coming in 4 bright colours (tangerine pictured) so the kids know to grab it without a second thought after doing it a few times. I don't ever take it off as it doesn't get in the way when folding the pram. Makes crossing the road easy as the toddler holds onto the Tag*a*long and you have 2 free hands to push the pram.

For the small price of $14.95 it's become a pram essential. Available from Bonito Baby.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Agoo & Baby Banz working together

I had to share this from Agoo especially after recently having a mole scare myself.

Agoo Australia and Baby Banz Australia plan to give the Melanoma Institute of Australia as much money as they can for National Shade Day and need your help.

These two sun smart companies, both founded due to a gap in the sun protection market, and a desire to reduce sun related damage in kids, have joined forces to raise money and awareness for National Shade Day, highlighting the need to protect Australians from our harsh sun.

This year, on Friday 2 September, Melanoma Institute Australia is asking you to put your hat on to show your support for National Shade Day.

Wear a hat to work or school, even if you normally wouldn’t. You’ll be helping us raise awareness and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays at the same time.

We want you to protect your children’s eyes as well as their skin.

Purchase any Agoo UV rated tee (sizes 0-8) and receive a pair of Baby Banz or Kids Banz sunglasses valued at $24.95 FREE.

PLUS we will donate $5 from every pack to National Shade Day to support their research into prevention, finding better treatments for melanoma patients and ultimately, a cure.

Please help us to help save kids from unnecessary sun exposure and future damage.

You can find more details about our sun smart products at and