Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the eighth day of Christmas Cherry Blossom Wigs gave to me....

Lots of winners today thanks to Cherry Blossom Wigs! First prize is a $25 voucher and felt flower headband then the 3 runner-ups each get a felt flower headband.

Those that have little girls into dancing would find Cherry Blossom Wigs a great store for those hairpieces they need for concerts and if you are into pageants they are often used there too.

To win one of todays prizes all you need to do is email your answers to with the subject: 8th day of Christmas

All the answers can be found on Cherry Blossom Wigs website.

Question 1: For the little ones their is the 'Little Lacies', what colours do the headbands come in?

Question 2: What is the 'Petal' hairpiece product description?

Question 3: How much are the 'Scruchie Piggies'?



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