Friday, February 26, 2010

Kids eat free!

When we have children those spontaneous dinner dates don't seem to happen anymore. Hubby and I used to love trying out new places but now I just never know if they will have highchairs, suitable food or even welcome families. Luckily Kids in Australia are here to help us out!

The new Kids Eat Free Card has a list of places you can take the kids where you will be welcomed and the kids get some great food for free! Much nicer than the times you order them a $15 meal which they only eat a mouthful of!

Not only is there food offers but also zoos, wildlife parks, play centres and other tourist attractions to help work up an appetite! I'm looking forward to taking my girls to the Fun Station Playcentre where one will get entry for free. Miss J wants to go see the pineapple but think that one will be a bit more than a day trip from Perth!

New restaurants and attractions are getting added all the time so even if there isn't something very close to you now keep an eye out as I'm sure the list will soon be huge and you will be spoilt for choice!

Thanks to Kids in Australia we have 5 Kids Eat Free cards to give away! Each card is valued at $29.95. All you need to do is be a blog follower then head over to Kids in Australia, have a look at the places you can visit with the Kids Eat Free card and then come back and tell us which one you would take the family too.

Entries close midnight WST Sunday 14th March 2010 and winners will be chosen at based on skill. Only open to Australian residents. Please leave contact details, email, twitter name etc.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheeky Chickies

Cute, colourful & comfy is how I would describe Cheeky Chickies clothing. Great quality, organic cotton this is the perfect clothing for kids to be kids in.

I first came across Cheeky Chickies last year when they were having a competition to name a new design and they chose mine for the fabulous Hearts r Hatching and we received a gorgeous long sleeve shirt and bright red skirt in the design. I can't say that it has been worn to death because it still looks as good as new! Numerous trips to the park, playing in the sandpit or chasing the dog hasn't come close to wearing it out and think it will do daughter number 2 and then the Good Sammies very well.

Below is Miss J in her latest CC outfit, the Rise n Shine tee with the 3/4 pants (she was dancing up a storm when the pic was taken). She's actually in the pants right now which reminded me to write this blog! This is the best play outfit as she can run and tumble, get grubby and it all washes out, it's so comfortable I want a pair of the pants too! Best of all its unisex so even if #3 turns out to be a boy we will still get lots of use out of it all.

I can't wait to see what Cheeky Chickies has in store for us next! Judging by the colours shown in the blog the new range will be amazing!

I love to support Australian companies and even more so when their products are Australian made. All Cheeky Chickies fabric is made in Australia. The dyeing process is done in a special way so it is colourfast to last.

Sign up to Club Chickie to get all the latest gossip about what's happening in the range plus specials and competitions!

If you want the best for your little chick Cheeky Chickies is the place for you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

mmmmm chocolate!

I LOVE chocolate, like most other people out there.

I discovered Harry's Rocky Road on facebook last year and was constantly tempted by Ben (aka Harry or willy wonka), his pictures and 'signs you love chocolate'. Always good for a giggle in your news feed and also regular competitions so you can try it for free!

A friend and I decided we would go in together to save on postage so I added 2 of the sample packs (pictured below), the licorice for my licorice mad dad, Dark Mint and Cookies & Cream for me. Had to try the white, milk and dark chocolate to make sure which one I liked best. It lasted a grand total of a fortnight, I knew I shouldn't have taken one of the samples to a playgroup meet! Next order I'm not sharing!!

Some people say the postage is a little high but seeing as it's generally next day delivery (2 days for Perth) and packaging and you must sign for it so that your chocolate doesn't end up a puddle I'm not complaining!

Next order (hopefully hubby will be thoughtful and make an order for around the time our next baby is due as I will need the chocolate to survive 3 kids under 3!) I am definitely planning on trying the Banana and Peanut Butter which both seem to get raving reviews from other fans.

From tomorrow on the site Easter Eggs will be listed. These are half eggs filled with 130grams of rocky road. Coming in 8 flavours including Cherry, Peanut Butter and Raspberry, I know what I want the Easter Bunny to leave for me Easter morning!

If you've gotten this far without licking your screen to death or ordering what are you waiting for? Hope you become a Harry's chocoholic like me!