Sunday, September 15, 2013

Babble Box

 We were lucky enough to get a chance to trial Babble Box and just in time for C's third birthday. The cute box arrived addressed to her and she was very excited to open it up.
 Everything in it was a surprise for both her and I, you don't know what is coming each month which makes it more fun!
 The August box contained bath toys! We love bath time here so it was perfect!
The box contained bath fingerpaint, bath crayons, a panda shower cap, rub a dub fashion in the tub and an Animal Tales book!

A month on and the biggest hit was the fashion in the tub pack, not a bath goes by without them being used! Our bathtub was a work of art for a couple of weeks with the crayons and we are still regularly reading the book.

A little about the Babble Box in case you have never heard of it. For $29.95 a month, including shipping, the box arrives on your doorstep full of quality products. You choose the age group and gender that the box will be aimed at. You can see on their website the previous months boxes to give you an idea of what they contain but there are no hints to the future ones as that is a surprise!

You can save money by signing up for a few months at a time. 3 months for $85.95, 6 months $159.95 and 12 months $299.95.

I love that you can also gift them! I have family living all around the state so would be much easier to get the box shipped directly to them and would be fun to call them up and see what they got in their boxes, have a babble about it!

The boxes are sent out on the 15th of each month, can't wait to hear what was in September! You need to get your orders in by the 30th of the month to get the next months box.

If all the above wasn't enough each month Babble Box also gives a donation to charity! When you sign up pick the charity you choose from the list or add your own you'd like them to support.

Thanks so much Babble Box for letting us trial a box. Even though we received this for free all opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainbow party

 Bub has been planning her 6th birthday since the day after her 5th one (dinosaur themed). She decided it would be a rainbow party. Lucky for me rainbow seems to be very in this Winter!

Above is what I have so far hidden away for her. The Hootkid Take My Heart dress RRP $39.95 and the gorgeous necklace and bracelet set from Madison Grace Designs (Necklace $13 & bracelet $7) .

Now to decide what to go with it!
 Being in August I might need the Tutti Frutti gumboots ($29.95) from Skeanie, even if it is dry they are still so cute! All the rainbow shoes I've found have been sneakers or boots, maybe I should go a white shoe as the clouds at the end of the rainbow? Also looking for a rainbow hairclip or hat.
Working on the party food is so far fun! I've gotten tall sundae cups in bright colours for drinks, small ones for jelly, pinterest has never ending possibilities & the finishing touches will be Aimless Designs rainbow picks pictured above.

Has anyone done a rainbow party & have suggestions for me with the shoes and/or hair?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Acorn Garage

 honk honk, beep beep.

Having 3 girls first we haven't had many cars in this household but they love to play with them!
 The Acorn Garage is quality made out of wood so it's build to last.

It comes with the cute little wooden cars but there is plenty of parking for matchboxes too.

The lift is the biggest hit as you twist the top to make it go up and down then tip it for the car to move out.
Don't forget to fuel up on the bottom level and have a car service!

We have had this a couple of months now and despite a few extra lines added (thanks C and her crayons) it still looks brand new! The kids haven't grown bored of it and makes for a great way to pack up all the toy cars at the end of the day.

RRP $129.99 but currently on sale at Bambini Pronto for $64.99!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mumma Loves Bubba toilet training competition

 It seems like so long since we have done a competition and boy have we got a good one!! We are currently going through toilet training with #3 and they have all been so different.

One thing we have used for them all are brolly sheets, so much easier to whip them off during the night than changing the whole bed! I've been wanting to try the Close Parent car seat protector as we have had a few little accidents in the car as well as a car sick child and cleaning the whole car seat is painful! Both of these and many other products to help make toilet training much easier are available from Mumma Loves Bubba.
 Brolly Sheets are available 5 great colours, blue, white, red, pink and the lime pictured above. They also come in single, king single, double and queen. RRP is $41.95 but they are currently on special for $35.50. Not just for toilet training they are also good to have on hand when sickness comes through the house.
The car seat pop in is not only useful but super cute! I love the monkey design in yellow and there is also pink owls, pink turtle, blue turtle and grey. Pop it in the car seat or the pram as you know they always are busting to go when you have an armful of shopping while in the furthest shop from the bathroom!
Thanks to Mumma Loves Bubba we have a Brolly Sheet single and a pop in car seat protector for one lucky liker! All you need to do is sign up for their newsletter and like their Facebook page. Closing 2nd April.
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pixie Night Light by Beaba

 We've gone through many night lights here. Colour changing ones, temperature ones, plug ins & personalised. With toilet training at night time came torches which ended up for reading books after lights were off then left on all night until the batteries went flat in a couple of days.

Then along comes this cute little pixie! He will be sure to keep any monsters away! I love his little hat, he looks straight out of a fairy garden. Put it on its charger during the day and when night time comes place it next to their bed and the light lasts 7-12 hours depending on how bright it is set! The handle is very easy for little ones to carry around when they get up to go to the toilet & it doesn't get hot. There is a little button at the back with 3 settings, gentle light, stronger light & off. It didn't take M (3) long to work it out & claim it as hers.

Available in different colour combos. This is the plum/green, there is also blue/brown and pink/mauve. Available from Bambini Pronto for $64.99.

Trunki PaddlePak - swimming bag

My older 2 had both been doing swimming lessons since 6 months old but when I went to having 3 under 3 they got put aside for a while. Now the older 2 can do them without me needing to hop in aswell we have decided to start again.

Usually I throw everything in whatever backpack I have lying around but being a fan of Trunki (we have 2 of the ride on suitcases) I decided this would be great (and the kids could carry it themselves!).

I managed to fit in 2 towels and 2 pairs of goggles plus dresses to throw on afterwards for each of them in the one bag! Very impressed. Even with all of that in there it is still really light to carry.

It's made of a waterproof material then at the top you clip it up so it looks like a fish mouth. The straps are all padded and it also has a zip in the tail where you can put valuables.

Available in pink (pictured) or blue in the fish design (7.5L capacity) and a shark and whale (10L capacity) you can pick them up for $34.99 at Bambini Pronto.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Rock Your Baby

S opening his Christmas present (yummy!)
 One of the most affordable Australian labels on the market would have to be Rock Your Baby. They have such a great range of fun and funky designs for both boys and girls. At the moment each of my children has at least 4 of their pieces in their wardrobes! S is definitely the winner though with the cool onesies and rompers which are so easy when they are little but so not boring!
C got spoilt by her aunty

S has currently got the 'I surf small waves II', 'C'mon get happy', 'security' and 'What you talkin about willis' (top picture) plus a heap of pants & tees in 0 for when he grows a bit more. I love the retro designs and they always get comments!

For the girls they have fabulous party dresses, funky tees, cute skirts & cool shorts and jeans. The current favourite here is the cat girl tee for all those superheroes in training. Miss 5 was very jealous when she saw Miss 3 wearing it the first time! My first RYB purchase was a pair of jeans which not only have last through 3 girls but still look fantastic!

They have recently added cushions into the mix and they look amazing! It's hard to pick a favourite. I think mine would be between the kittens & puppy love but then what little girl doesn't like horses? S would have to be surfing! RRP $39.95
M's super hero pose

They are aimed at the under 8s but really hoping they extend it to 10-12 as mine get older!

Check out their sale section for massive bargains on past seasons. Heaps in the single digits!

Anyone else a RYB fan?

back of c'mon get happy