Sunday, April 7, 2013

Acorn Garage

 honk honk, beep beep.

Having 3 girls first we haven't had many cars in this household but they love to play with them!
 The Acorn Garage is quality made out of wood so it's build to last.

It comes with the cute little wooden cars but there is plenty of parking for matchboxes too.

The lift is the biggest hit as you twist the top to make it go up and down then tip it for the car to move out.
Don't forget to fuel up on the bottom level and have a car service!

We have had this a couple of months now and despite a few extra lines added (thanks C and her crayons) it still looks brand new! The kids haven't grown bored of it and makes for a great way to pack up all the toy cars at the end of the day.

RRP $129.99 but currently on sale at Bambini Pronto for $64.99!

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