Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pixie Night Light by Beaba

 We've gone through many night lights here. Colour changing ones, temperature ones, plug ins & personalised. With toilet training at night time came torches which ended up for reading books after lights were off then left on all night until the batteries went flat in a couple of days.

Then along comes this cute little pixie! He will be sure to keep any monsters away! I love his little hat, he looks straight out of a fairy garden. Put it on its charger during the day and when night time comes place it next to their bed and the light lasts 7-12 hours depending on how bright it is set! The handle is very easy for little ones to carry around when they get up to go to the toilet & it doesn't get hot. There is a little button at the back with 3 settings, gentle light, stronger light & off. It didn't take M (3) long to work it out & claim it as hers.

Available in different colour combos. This is the plum/green, there is also blue/brown and pink/mauve. Available from Bambini Pronto for $64.99.

Trunki PaddlePak - swimming bag

My older 2 had both been doing swimming lessons since 6 months old but when I went to having 3 under 3 they got put aside for a while. Now the older 2 can do them without me needing to hop in aswell we have decided to start again.

Usually I throw everything in whatever backpack I have lying around but being a fan of Trunki (we have 2 of the ride on suitcases) I decided this would be great (and the kids could carry it themselves!).

I managed to fit in 2 towels and 2 pairs of goggles plus dresses to throw on afterwards for each of them in the one bag! Very impressed. Even with all of that in there it is still really light to carry.

It's made of a waterproof material then at the top you clip it up so it looks like a fish mouth. The straps are all padded and it also has a zip in the tail where you can put valuables.

Available in pink (pictured) or blue in the fish design (7.5L capacity) and a shark and whale (10L capacity) you can pick them up for $34.99 at Bambini Pronto.