Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pixie Night Light by Beaba

 We've gone through many night lights here. Colour changing ones, temperature ones, plug ins & personalised. With toilet training at night time came torches which ended up for reading books after lights were off then left on all night until the batteries went flat in a couple of days.

Then along comes this cute little pixie! He will be sure to keep any monsters away! I love his little hat, he looks straight out of a fairy garden. Put it on its charger during the day and when night time comes place it next to their bed and the light lasts 7-12 hours depending on how bright it is set! The handle is very easy for little ones to carry around when they get up to go to the toilet & it doesn't get hot. There is a little button at the back with 3 settings, gentle light, stronger light & off. It didn't take M (3) long to work it out & claim it as hers.

Available in different colour combos. This is the plum/green, there is also blue/brown and pink/mauve. Available from Bambini Pronto for $64.99.

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Rinna said...

Ooohhhhh that looks handy!