Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the first day of Christmas Little TOTS & beyond gave to me....

 Little TOTS & Beyond have been super generous to one lucky liker today! One little girl will be beautifully dressed this Summer with a Girls Cupcake Tee - Pink & Brown Size 1 - 2 years and Spotty Nappy Cover Set - Cupcake Red by Little Monstas Size 1.

All answers to their questions can be found on their Facebook page.

Send your answers to with the Subject: First day of Christmas

Question 1: How many icecreams are on the dress coming soon?

Question 2: In the Christmas Clothing album what is written on the outfit in picture #2?

Question 3: When is the 500 liker MEGA sale open until?


Winner will be announced on the 14th December, goodluck!!

Think you might have been to slow? Still send your answers through as someone that does the questions every day has a chance to win too!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The (insert number here) days of Christmas!

Every competition I do I get more jealous of the prizes each time! This time I'm extra jealous!

I'll start with how things will run.

During each day I will do a blog post for the store up that day, the first person to email me with the correct answers wins! You only get one prize from the whole promotion so if you are first 2 times you only get the one you were first for first. It will never be earlier than 7am WST (10am AEDT, 9am qld) and no later than 7pm WST. As soon as I do the blog post up I will post it on the Bub & Moo Facebook page.

The competition is open to everyone in Australia, postage is provided unless stated. Some of the companies are from NZ so NZers feel free to enter those days!

The nitty gritty
- Judges decision is final
- 1 win per person
- any missing prizes aren't the responsibility of Bub & Moo though we will try and help out if there are any problems
- no purchase or payment is necessary to enter
- winners will be announced the day after the final days competition
- this is a game of skill
- play nice! There will never be a time of posting that would be suitable for everyone to no whinging!!

Email entries to

in the subject line have which day you are entering ie Subject: 1st day of Christmas

All you need inside is your name and answers!


Friday, November 25, 2011

12 days of Christmas (or maybe 13)

So I was laying in bed last night and thinking how it had been a while since the last giveaway so started thinking about something a bit different so here goes.....

One company a day over 12 days. A giveaway and maybe something to entice shopping, discount code, free shipping or adding something if X amount is spent.

During that companies day I will do a blog with 3 questions about products or information about that company and the first person to email correctly would win! People could only win once during the whole giveaway period but they won't know if they won until the last day when they are all announced plus there will be a giveaway from me (day 13) to someone that has completed every days questions.

Let me know if you are interested in being one of the 12 companies at

I know it's a bit last minute but hopefully I can pull it all together as it would be lots of fun! :)