Monday, March 28, 2011

The big Easter blog!

I ♥ Easter! I guess it started when I was little as it usually meant my birthday, school holidays and of course chocolate!

It doesn't have to be all about chocolate, for us it's now a time to spend with family and for many it is still about the celebration of Jesus resurrection.

I thought I would share with you some alternatives that will last a lot longer than chocolate.

For once lets start with the boys!

Top left is a gorgeous little bunny named Bobby. He is made by Ribryba and can be picked up from Millaruby designs for $35, Theodore is also gorgeous there in a chocolate brown.

Top right I found this bargain at Bubhug on sale for $15! It consists of a 100% cotton towel bath support with attached toy and matching bath mit, comes in blue or pink bunny, green frog or yellow giraffe. Also check out the matching hooded towels on sale for $8.95!

Heading out for dinner on Easter day or getting dressed up for church? Check out the cute little ties available at Adorable Affordable, I love the little robot one and only $10! The Peter Rabbit range can also be picked up from Adorable Affordable, the booties are $19.95, the plate is $5.95 and the cot sheet set is on sale for $25.00.

Underneath the ties is 'Flynn' the floppy rabbit rattle by Bebe, you can pick him up for $23 from My Wild Child, you can even pick up the matching romper and bunny rug to match!

Second from the top at the far right side is embroidery done by Bibby Bee Embroidery, they have a whole range of Easter designs they you can put on minky to make into MCN's or blankees for bub. I love this one as it says 'some bunny loves me'.

Last one on the bottom right is the Rabbit Set by Prada. Beautiful, bright colours its the last one in stock at Three Cheeky Monkeys and comes in a size 9 months for half price at $41.06.

There is way more choice in clothing for girls plus I had to narrow down the hair accessories!

Top left is the gorgeous EIEIO pink bunny set by Mudpie. It consists of an A-line top with ruffled hem and matching leggings. It only comes in size 0-6 months and you can pick it up for $39.95 from The Bees Knees Kids.

Second from the left in the top row is a pink rabbit pillow that you can find at Tiffany's Place. The ears, feet and tail are padded then you just put a pillow in and you have a cute, snuggly rabbit! $15 each and I think on her FB page I saw there is only 1 left!

Third across the top is the girls Bebe rabbit, she is 'Daphne' in the blossom print. $23 each from My Wild Child you can pick up the whole matching range in bib, bunny rug, booties and 4 types of bodysuits! It is a beautiful, girly print.

Top right is one I have been eyeing off for quite sometime (plus plenty of others!). You can order this one in up to a size 7 from Mezzies Prezzies for $22. It would look fabulous with a pettiskirt!

Right in the middle is the funkiest bunny romper I have ever seen! Made by Two Belles and called 'Don't mess with me' it oozes style and attitude! Nice and soft for those that will mostly sleep Easter away grab it now from A Little Bit of Cheek for $49.95 and goes up to a size 1.

Bottom left is probably the outfit for those of us stuck in Summer in Perth. LolaMoolu make this singlet and bloomer set for $35. I love the pink and cream fabric with the chocolate colour, very Eastery!

Second from the left down the bottom are Bunny Hair bands from a business I haven't mentioned before. So many of my favourites are doing hair accessories for Easter but need to show some other great stores. You can grab a pair in your favourite colour from Mini Moo for $4.00. Comes in the colours hot pink, blue, pale pink, red & white.

Third across the bottom is the super cute personalised pillow from Tiges and Weince. It already comes stuffed and you just need to let them know the name you want on it at the checkout, $29.00. There is also a boys design available.

And lastly on the bottom right is just what every little bunny girl needs, OOBI Bunny ears! There are three designs available in Green Apple with Lilac Spot, Red Dot with Hearts and probably my favourite Pink Stripe with Pink Flowers. Pick them up for $12.95 each at Shophouse.  

So it's Easter, did you remember to leave a carrot out for the Easter Bunny? What about a key for him to get in and hide the goodies? Check out Noahs Art Nursery for the Bunny key (left, 2nd from the bottom) to use each year for the Easter bunny to come in. Price is $10.

How about something fabulous to collect the goodies with? Grab a bag from Lolamoolu (top left) for the girls at $25 each or Itch Easter bags (middle right) in unisex designs for $24.95 from Cradle Rock.

Also from Cradle rock is the awesome money boxes (top right) which come in a bright pink or white aswell. 20cm tall you can pick one up for $34.95.

Middle left is the perfect Easter gift to the littlest ones in your life, bunny soap! Made of goats milk and scented with Anjou Pear Blossom you can get them direct from the USA for $6.75 from KcSoapsNMore.

Something that looks like eggs but is so much more fun are these felted egg shakers (bottom right) from MollyDagMade. $7.50 each they come in a wide range of colours. I picked up 2 for my girls when I saw them at a market and they are beautiful. Bright colours and covered in merino wool they will be a lasting Easter favourite.

Lastly, bottom left are ribbon wands from Precious Princess Pieces. $7.95 each there is sure to be a colour to match outfits or personalities, little boys would have just as much fun as girls swirling these around and jingling the bell.

What does the Easter Bunny need to creep around and hide eggs? Bunny slippers of course! (top left) $19.99 from City Beach they look nice and cosy for the cooler weather.

Planning a big lunch/dinner party for the big day? Head to Print a Party to grab the printable sheet and you could have a delish looking table like the one pictured top right. At only $10 it will make for a memorable meal.

And finally after the kids have gone to bed its time for some adult treats. A rocky road Easter egg  from Harrys Rocky Road would go down a treat (bottom left) and a Creme Egg cupcake from Kustom Cupcakes would do me just fine too! (bottom right)

I hope I have given you some ideas for your Easter or just some lovely things to look at but whatever you do have a fun day, don't think about diets and stay safe.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Favourite toys

Each of my girls has their own special toy, it's funny as they start with a pile of them when they are little but they seem to choose their own.

M is the most clingy with hers, its one of those little blanky teddies with angel wings that we got given when she was born and it must be with her to sleep. We then got another one as a backup in case she lost the first but now she must have BOTH with her! Not game to try for another backup just in case we spend every night hunting for more.

For J is was an OUCH knitted donkey called Daisy, you can imagine after 3 years shes getting a bit worn and she's recently been joined by a huge Hoot (from ABC) who takes up more of the bed than J.
And finally C has her latest addition, this gorgeous owl from Millaruby Designs. J picked it out for her at Market Girl and its totally beautiful. There are so many colour/material combinations that no 2 owls are exactly the same so I hope this one doesn't get to worn! Prices start at $25.

I've always wanted to add a few extra to the mix like the fabulous poppets from Pikelet Workshop and of course a Floss from Cuckoo for Coco but think these are more for me than for the kids as they have plenty. Maybe if I ever get my wish for #4 ;-)

Do your kids have a favourite? Or do they just want to bring everything to bed each night?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Doll & Babes

I have been so busy with giveaways I have neglected my other blogging and I now have a HUGE list I want to write about! From nail polish to toys to (of course) clothes!

I thought I would start with Doll & Babes.

They are relatively new and started out with the idea of matching doll outfits to go with little girls clothing but has gone well beyond that in a short amount of time.

I was lucky enough to win an outfit when they first started up and chose this 3 piece ensemble for M. It is perfect for her as it came with a onesie with the design on the front, a cute little skirt and a matching skirt which she put on a teddy bear. It's simple but so pretty and I love the onesie as her shirts tend to ride up and I can just pull the skirt off and put her to bed for a nap in the onesie.

Out of their other products I love the little princess singlets, great bargain there, and also the party bag idea where there is a little fabric bag containing a doll skirt and scrunchie which is a perfect alternative to a lolly bag.

Plenty on offer if you have a little man in your life too!

Keep up to date with new products and sales on their Facebook page.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our winners are....

Wow this is hard work! Please bear with me today as I try and announce all the winners, some had up to 80 entries to get through and with a baby on my lap bashing the keyboard it takes twice as long!

Here we go with the first 3 winners....

The winner of the Doll & Babes outfit is Angylene

The winner of the Taylor-Maed for Me mushroom skirt is Candice Ecclestone

And the hugely popular lunchbox from Lime Tree Kids goes to the home of Belinda Overitt

The winner of the Date Labels from Bright Star Kids agent Julie Seccull is Felicity Caratti

The winner of the dot labels from bright Star Kids agent Julie Seccull is Evelina

AG Craft winner of the flower hair clips holder is Charmaine

Boys gnome from Smiley Tots winner is Wendy Hatton

Girls gnome from Smiley Tots winner is Nicole Omedei

Gillian Kennedy Independent Phoenix Trader family organiser winner is Nat from Clips for my Girls

Gillian Kennedy Independent Phoenix Trader reward chart winner is Jacki Harris

Noahs Art Nursery winner is Shelle

Winner of the Print a Party girls pack is Kym

And the winner of the boys Print a Party pack is Rochelle

The Handmade Elegance winner is Diane

The winner of the Daisy Fish Creations prize is Karen

And the Clips for My Girls winner is Stephanie U

The Bub & Moo winner is Peta

And the Steve Christides photography winner is Felicity G

WOW I'm finally done! I hope I got all the prizes as I've gone a little cross eyed from reading answers, typing names up and heading to

Winners if you are unsure it is your name please feel free to ask on the Bub & Moo FB page and I can clarify and once you know it is you feel free to email the business or tell them on facebook so they can start sending prizes out. If you have any trouble getting in contact with the business please let me know.

 Congrats ladies!!! More announcements to come.

Bring on 2000!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

one thousand, five hundred likers = mega giveaway!

So many fabulous stores have made this a fantastic giveaway! We have 17 prizes which equals 17 winners! Yes we are doing things a little differently this time. You can just do one lot of questions for the prize you would most like to win or you can do them all and try your luck.

As usual please only one entry per person, don't share your answers as the stores deserve everyone looking through them for putting up a great prize, judges decision is final and Bub & Moo hold no reponsibility to lost or not sent prizes. AUSTRALIA only :)

Entries close 11.59pm Tuesday 22nd March 2011.

To be in the draw you have to have answered the questions for the prize you would like correctly, you can also earn extra entries by liking that store on Facebook and also for purchasing off them during the week the competition is running.

Send your entries through to

Now lets get started.....

Doll & Babes

(all answers found on their FB page)
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206361436038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater!/pages/Doll-Babes/180866935280577

1. What comes in the Party Bags?

2. In the 400 fan sale folder what is picture #10 of?

3. What email address can you get in touch with Doll & Babes on?

(all answers found on their FB page)
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206812026038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater!/pages/Taylor-Maed-by-Me-Toys-Taggys-and-Tops/170214986345447

1. In the Happy Customers album who is wearing the Cherry-licious nappy cover and matching headband

2. Check out the Toy Animal album. What is the name of the cupcake elephant?

3. In the Sunday Night Sale 20 March album what is Item #5?

Lime Tree Kids
(all answers found on their webpage)
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206378901038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater!/LimeTreeKids

1. What 2 colours can you get the ERGO performance in?

2. What is the goal of Lime Tree Kids?

3. Which 3 animals are on the Jungle Friends jigsaw?

Julie Seccull Bright Star Kids
(all answers found on their webpage)!/Brightstarkids.JulieSeccull

For prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206361476038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater (date labels)
1. If you put Bub & Moo in the wall Letter Maker how much would it cost to get it in Jumbo?

2. What name is written on the 'Under the sea' personalised canvas art example?

3. How much do you save when you get 4 bagtags?

For prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206361536038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater (dot seals)
1. How many individual stickers are there in the Groovy Garden Flower wall stickers?

2. What do you pay for regular postage within Australia?

3. How much is the 'Made with Love' stick on label pack?

AG Crafts
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206358876038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater
(all answers found on their FB page)!/agcraftdesigns

1. How much are the 20cm shape coat hooks?

2. Out of the papers in stock to use on plaques which would you choose?

3. What cause did AG Crafts hold an auction for?

Smiley Tots!/smileytotsclothing  
(these ones are all found on their FB page)
For prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206795451038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater (boys gnome)
1. In the Smiley Toys album what material is used on each gnome in the first picture?

2. What sizes are left in the Jungle Shorts?

3. What market could you find Smiley Tots at on 6th November 2010?

For prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206797361038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater (girls gnome)
(these ones are all found on their website)
1. What colour owls are on the Summer dress?

2. What products do they have especially for us Smiley Mummies?

3. What market are the girls going to be at on April 16th?

Gillian Kennedy Phoenix Trader
(all answers found on their webpage)!/GillianKennedyPhoenixTrader
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206798056038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater (family organiser)

1. Who is the artist that did the work on the recipe cards?

2. Which gift tag is GT74?

3. How many designs are in the Princess colouring sheets?

For prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206810421038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater (reward chart)

1. How much is the recipe box?

2. What animal is on the DC43 card?

3. How many fairies are pictured on the Fairy wishes thank you card?

Noahs Art Nursery
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206380971038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater
(all answers found on their FB page)!/pages/NoahsArtNursery/132950713388213

1. What can you leave out to help the Easter Bunny when he arrives to deliver Easter eggs?

2. So many different embroidery designs! If you won what design would you put on yours?

3. In the 2011 creations album what is one of the names on a Dora wipes case?

Print a Party
(All answers found on their FB page)!/printaparty
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206391916038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater (girls pack)

1. What is the name of the girls owl party pack?

2. How many designs are in the baby shower album?

3. What is included in a party pack?

for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206391586038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater (boys pack)

1. How much is it for a party pack?

2. How many steps are there in the How to make your bunting banner album?

3. What name is on the Cars, Trucks, Buses Party Pack?

Handmade Elegance
(all answers found on their FB page)
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206368546038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater!/pages/Handmade-Elegance/113359738677463

1. In the embellishments album what is picture #41 of?

2. How many cupcakes are on the 'cupcake edge' kids birthday invitation?

3. In the New papers sneak peek album what is the name of #4?

Daisy Fish Creations
(all answers found on their FB page)
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206360091038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater!/daisyfishcreationspage

1. What is written on photo #6 in the Small photo frames album?

2. If I wanted a large photo frame with 3 photos in it how much would it cost?

3. What size are the square Mini Jewellery boxes?

Clips for my Girls
(all answers found on their website)
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150206797406038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater!/ClipsformyGirls

1. How much are the beanies with embellishments?

2. How many headbands have cupcakes on them?

3. Which is your favourite crochet clip?

Bub & Moo
(you are already here!)
for prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150207569896038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater!/pages/Bub-Moo/395972841037

1. What store did I write about on February 16th 2011?

2. wayyyy back in October 09 I wrote about I want Fabulous (which is now About a Boy) what did I buy my friend?

3. Name 2 of the business I mentioned in my 'these are a few of my favourite things' post in 2010.

Steve Christides Photography

For prize!/photo.php?fbid=10150207752326038&set=a.10150206357301038.378486.395972841037&theater!/pages/Steve-Christides-Photography/130471170311840

1. How much is the 'Cake Smash' package?

2. Which amazing woman did Steve photograph doing the World's Greatest Shave?

3.  In the Babies Album what is the boy eating in picture #10?

phew! Goodluck to everyone and winners will be announced on the blog next Wednesday the 23rd.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

1400 comp winners!

I love giveaways, its so much fun when winners get excited & I love seeing ones that haven't won with us before or old friends names come up (very rare as the numbers grow!).

So the winner of the book 'If I were the Easter Bunny' was Debbie Mowatt! Congrats Debbie, hope your little ones enjoy it as much as mine do! Debbie please email me your delivery details at

And the winner of the fabulous Easter pack from Print a Party is Stephanie Rose Upton! Congrats Stephanie, I'll get Jess from Print a Party to contact you.

Thanks so much to everyone for playing and now to organise a HUGE 1500 liker giveaway!!