Saturday, March 26, 2011

Favourite toys

Each of my girls has their own special toy, it's funny as they start with a pile of them when they are little but they seem to choose their own.

M is the most clingy with hers, its one of those little blanky teddies with angel wings that we got given when she was born and it must be with her to sleep. We then got another one as a backup in case she lost the first but now she must have BOTH with her! Not game to try for another backup just in case we spend every night hunting for more.

For J is was an OUCH knitted donkey called Daisy, you can imagine after 3 years shes getting a bit worn and she's recently been joined by a huge Hoot (from ABC) who takes up more of the bed than J.
And finally C has her latest addition, this gorgeous owl from Millaruby Designs. J picked it out for her at Market Girl and its totally beautiful. There are so many colour/material combinations that no 2 owls are exactly the same so I hope this one doesn't get to worn! Prices start at $25.

I've always wanted to add a few extra to the mix like the fabulous poppets from Pikelet Workshop and of course a Floss from Cuckoo for Coco but think these are more for me than for the kids as they have plenty. Maybe if I ever get my wish for #4 ;-)

Do your kids have a favourite? Or do they just want to bring everything to bed each night?

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