Monday, October 22, 2012

Smiley Tots Towel and giveaway!

 I thought I would start with the picture of Jayne from Smiley Tots above as it's such a better photo than mine below that my husband took with an iPhone and 3 other kids trying to get in for a look see of our new addition!
This is THE BEST towel for bathing a little one! They always want to be in your arms and warm after getting out of the bath and it's often hard to juggle a towel and a wet, slippery baby.

The towel is worn like an apron so you can put it on before starting the whole bath routine. Wash bub then pull them out straight onto your chest and wrap the towel around them.

I love the funky teddy bear design on mine!

Priced at $35 each including postage they make a great present for a new baby. You can also find Smiley Tots at a few Perth markets where these sell out super quick! Keep up with which market they are attending on their Facebook page.

Thanks to Smiley Tots we have 2 of these towels for some lucky people to try with their bubs!!! Just head to the Bub & Moo facebook page and under the post sharing this blog post let me know if you want a boy towel or a girls one (both pictured below) and that you have liked the Smiley Tots facebook page. SIMPLE! Entries close 11.59pm WST on the 31st October 2012, lucky people chosen randomly and will be announced on the blog.

The gorgeous girl and boy towels!

If you can't see it says Lisa A for girls & Belinda D for boys! Congrats ladies

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mullins Designs

 When she found out we had a boy the lovely Jesika from Mullins Designs sent these around to me. 2 small but very thoughtful gifts as the Mum of a boy after 3 girls.

First above the Mitten Keepers. We all know how hard it is to keep mittens on little hands and how sharp their tiny nails are (they grow so quickly!!!) They are a soft, stretchy elastic that fits over any mittens and keeps them on. Priced at just $4 a pair for plain and $5 for embellished. We have gotten good use out of them!

Next can you guess what this is pictured below?
This is the 'Fountain Friend'. Can you guess it's use now? I had heard all the stories about little boys and their fountains from friends and S is no different after getting the midwife about 10 minutes after his birth! Just keep it on your change table and pop it over the crown jewels while cleaning bottoms or getting a new nappy to stop any fountain action. Would be a great added extra to a baby shower gift for someone having a boy, sure to get lots of stories and laughs!

Jesika is fantastic at answering any questions on her Facebook page and has some gorgeous items for both boys and girls so head over and have a look!

Thanks so much Jesika x

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crack open the Bubbles from Bambini Pronto

S all wrapped up!
 When you have a new baby the good old muslin wraps are much needed for those first weeks and you can't get better than these gorgeous, colourful Bubble Muslin Wraps from Bambini Pronto!

S is only 2 weeks old and I've already used these to wrap him, as a spare bassinet sheet after numerous pooplosions, cover when feeding (he loves to come off and look around!), throw over your shoulder for burping and block the wind in his face when out and about.
Spare sheet!

They are a huge 120cm square!
Keeping the breeze out of his face

Made from 100% pure pre-washed cotton.
The gorgeous prints available from Bambini Pronto

I love the prints in the set I have 'Hey Bright Eyes' with the 2 in the pictures above and also a star print.

There are multiple choices for prints and at just $39.99 I thought they were a great price but I just saw on the Bambini Pronto Facebook page you can claim a 40% off offer that can be used until midnight on the 17th October making them a bargain!

Check out the other brands you can get 40% off in this sale also here.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pink Poppy


This parcel couldn't have arrived at a better time. We had just gotten home with our newest addition and trying to settle in and keep the girls entertained was a mission. They thought it was like Christmas opening up the parcel and all the pretty pink items inside we had to play straight away!
First we played about 30 games of memory (above right) until everyone had won at least a handful of times. Both my 5 & 3 year old loved it, my 2 year old didn't quite get it yet & just wanted all the cards!
 Then we worked out the light on one of the pens! (above) So cute & we had fun shining it on paper, hands and walls. Think this one would be a home pen as I can imagine my 5 year old would get easily distracted with it at school, the other one with the love heart would be much better for the school bag.
 Lastly we had to try the tattoos (above). Complete with glitter they were easy to apply & easy to remove. J wanted hers on her hand & M wanted hers in the same spot as Daddy (my future??)

We used to have a little store at our local shops that stocked Pink Poppy and it was always great to grab things to add into a present but they recently shut so I will have to find another nearby!

The prices are fantastic, the memory game is a great one to keep in the present cupboard for those last minute party presents at $15.34 and I LOVE this tea set which is only $11.55!! 

You can shop for Pink Poppy online or click here to find a store near you!

You can find Pink Poppy in many places online
*Pink Poppy provided me with the above products for my honest review*

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's a flower, it's a playmat, it's a...bathtub?

 A new product to the market the Blooming Bath is something I have never seen before! Super cute idea and multifunctional as both a playmat and a bath.

I was in Maylands this morning and whenever I'm in the area I have to drop in and see Jo at Sosi. My sister and I were checking these out and wondering what they were so Jo explained to us and wanted to see how they really work so sent me home with one for our new addition Sam. 

As you can see above he looked like a Spring flower laying on the mat in the sunshine. It is soft and thick so he was nice and comfy laying there enjoying the last bit of sunshine today.
 The main purpose of it though is as a bath, one that you use in your sink! Most of us were probably bathed in the laundry trough when we were first born but this makes it much more comfortable and easier for us to wash them. As you can see Sam above enjoyed it. He is 10 days old today and even though so small he felt well supported in the bath. We did it in the kitchen sink this time but I think next time I'll try the laundry tub as it's next to the change table. I thought it would be a good way to show how it looks not in a display home kitchen.
After you have finished you can hang in on the line to dry or put it in the dryer for 10 minutes.

It has already won awards in the USA, comes in great colours (love the pink too), super soft materials (lovely minky fabric) and does a great job of making bath time comfortable for your little one.

It would be perfect for those that don't have a bath in their house and as a funky baby shower gift.

$59.95RRP drop in at Sosi in Maylands and see Jo or email her on for more details.