Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crack open the Bubbles from Bambini Pronto

S all wrapped up!
 When you have a new baby the good old muslin wraps are much needed for those first weeks and you can't get better than these gorgeous, colourful Bubble Muslin Wraps from Bambini Pronto!

S is only 2 weeks old and I've already used these to wrap him, as a spare bassinet sheet after numerous pooplosions, cover when feeding (he loves to come off and look around!), throw over your shoulder for burping and block the wind in his face when out and about.
Spare sheet!

They are a huge 120cm square!
Keeping the breeze out of his face

Made from 100% pure pre-washed cotton.
The gorgeous prints available from Bambini Pronto

I love the prints in the set I have 'Hey Bright Eyes' with the 2 in the pictures above and also a star print.

There are multiple choices for prints and at just $39.99 I thought they were a great price but I just saw on the Bambini Pronto Facebook page you can claim a 40% off offer that can be used until midnight on the 17th October making them a bargain!

Check out the other brands you can get 40% off in this sale also here.

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