Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's a flower, it's a playmat, it's a...bathtub?

 A new product to the market the Blooming Bath is something I have never seen before! Super cute idea and multifunctional as both a playmat and a bath.

I was in Maylands this morning and whenever I'm in the area I have to drop in and see Jo at Sosi. My sister and I were checking these out and wondering what they were so Jo explained to us and wanted to see how they really work so sent me home with one for our new addition Sam. 

As you can see above he looked like a Spring flower laying on the mat in the sunshine. It is soft and thick so he was nice and comfy laying there enjoying the last bit of sunshine today.
 The main purpose of it though is as a bath, one that you use in your sink! Most of us were probably bathed in the laundry trough when we were first born but this makes it much more comfortable and easier for us to wash them. As you can see Sam above enjoyed it. He is 10 days old today and even though so small he felt well supported in the bath. We did it in the kitchen sink this time but I think next time I'll try the laundry tub as it's next to the change table. I thought it would be a good way to show how it looks not in a display home kitchen.
After you have finished you can hang in on the line to dry or put it in the dryer for 10 minutes.

It has already won awards in the USA, comes in great colours (love the pink too), super soft materials (lovely minky fabric) and does a great job of making bath time comfortable for your little one.

It would be perfect for those that don't have a bath in their house and as a funky baby shower gift.

$59.95RRP drop in at Sosi in Maylands and see Jo or email her on for more details.

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