Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mullins Designs

 When she found out we had a boy the lovely Jesika from Mullins Designs sent these around to me. 2 small but very thoughtful gifts as the Mum of a boy after 3 girls.

First above the Mitten Keepers. We all know how hard it is to keep mittens on little hands and how sharp their tiny nails are (they grow so quickly!!!) They are a soft, stretchy elastic that fits over any mittens and keeps them on. Priced at just $4 a pair for plain and $5 for embellished. We have gotten good use out of them!

Next can you guess what this is pictured below?
This is the 'Fountain Friend'. Can you guess it's use now? I had heard all the stories about little boys and their fountains from friends and S is no different after getting the midwife about 10 minutes after his birth! Just keep it on your change table and pop it over the crown jewels while cleaning bottoms or getting a new nappy to stop any fountain action. Would be a great added extra to a baby shower gift for someone having a boy, sure to get lots of stories and laughs!

Jesika is fantastic at answering any questions on her Facebook page and has some gorgeous items for both boys and girls so head over and have a look!

Thanks so much Jesika x

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