Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go get a (but read this first!)

Being 38 weeks pregnant it seems the pregnancy hormones are getting to me. If my husband is 5 minutes late home I assume that there has been a car accident and the pregnancy dreams of the house getting sucked up Wizard of Oz style and us living in a tent in the yard are just some of the joyful side effects this pregnancy is bringing to me. 

I've always been one of those people that always tick the insurance box. Home check, car check, health check, travel check, postage for that pair of shoes my daughter NEEDED check but life insurance is one that I never really thought about until having kids.

Now that we are a one income, mortgage, 3 19/20 children family if something should happen to my husband or I things would be hard, really hard! How do you juggle looking after 4 children under 6, earn a living and think about the future for all of you?

Having one income and trying to trim the fat off the budget it's often tempting to let insurance go or get less comprehensive insurance but people are making more claims than ever. Add it to your 'must have' list rather than the list of luxuries. Just think of the peace of mind rather than the added stress of the 'what if's' if something were to happen.

Why do Australian's need the Life Awareness Movement?
  • nearly 50% of people have difficulty understanding insurance terms & gathering unbiased information
  • 1/3 of super fund members are unaware their fund offers insurance cover
  • Many Australian's don't understand how much insurance cover they actually need.
    • Actual cover vs. cover required (based on IFF/AIST formulae)
      • Average death cover: $189,000 vs. Average cover required $431,000
      • Average level of TPD: $162,000 vs. Average cover required $437,000
      • Average level of IP: $2,700 a month vs. Average level required $3,750
(TPD - Total Permanent Disability, IP - Income Protection)

This is something all of us with young families need to think about and sit down and talk to our spouses about. Get out your super and insurance papers and read through the fine print to see what and how much you are covered for.

Visit the life insurance calculator from Life Insurance Finder and then compare life insurance plans to find the right option for you.

I am participating in the LIFE Awareness campaign. I received a VISA gift card for this post courtesy of Life Insurance Finder via Digital Parents Collective. I am also in the running to win an iPad3. As always, all opinions are purely my own.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Bubbler Deal savings!

 OK most that know me know I'm a bit of a deal voucher addict! OK I'm a LOT!!! Just printed out all the ones I currently have to use and there are 9. A few are from the big guys (Our Deal, Groupon etc) but the one I love to support is Bubbler Deals. Started by a Perth Mum and putting 5% of purchases back into the community and never going bananas selling thousands of vouchers to small businesses that can't handle it.
 I thought I might share some of my deals. My first was (pictured top) a deal for 2 nights at Footprints Preston Beach. For $149 it was the perfect price for our budget. Regular price was $270 so I saved over $100 on my first deal. If that one came up again I'd get 2!! Others I have gotten include high tea at The Pearfect Pantry (above) which I got vouchers for 4 people 52% off, below is Yummy Mummy day spa 67% off for a friend and I, dinner out for the whole family at a kid friendly restaurant 48% off (2 pictures below) and the bottom picture some amazing macarons for half price! In between these I've also done playcentres, tennis lessons and toy stores plus I still have 2 to use from Aussie Farmers Direct and Fired ceramic cafe!
 So I guess I should break out the calculator and see how much I've saved....
 Where is the calculator on the iPhone.... oh utilities obviously!
ok so I have spent $450!!! Jeepers! Not so bad over 9 months though. But the RRP of everything I got was $1,326! Savings of about 64%! It has helped that I have shared with my friends, who have grabbed vouchers, so I earnt some credit, my Aussie Farmers Direct box was nothing as I used credit!

I love that I can spoil us (or just me!) with a few luxuries through the year at a great price and has made some fantastic and fun memories for us.

Bubbler has recently launched Australia wide with a deal every Monday and another on Thursday for Perth people. They recently won the Aussie Mumpreneur award for best customer service! Head over and check out what's on offer this week!