Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our winners are....

Wow this is hard work! Please bear with me today as I try and announce all the winners, some had up to 80 entries to get through and with a baby on my lap bashing the keyboard it takes twice as long!

Here we go with the first 3 winners....

The winner of the Doll & Babes outfit is Angylene

The winner of the Taylor-Maed for Me mushroom skirt is Candice Ecclestone

And the hugely popular lunchbox from Lime Tree Kids goes to the home of Belinda Overitt

The winner of the Date Labels from Bright Star Kids agent Julie Seccull is Felicity Caratti

The winner of the dot labels from bright Star Kids agent Julie Seccull is Evelina

AG Craft winner of the flower hair clips holder is Charmaine

Boys gnome from Smiley Tots winner is Wendy Hatton

Girls gnome from Smiley Tots winner is Nicole Omedei

Gillian Kennedy Independent Phoenix Trader family organiser winner is Nat from Clips for my Girls

Gillian Kennedy Independent Phoenix Trader reward chart winner is Jacki Harris

Noahs Art Nursery winner is Shelle

Winner of the Print a Party girls pack is Kym

And the winner of the boys Print a Party pack is Rochelle

The Handmade Elegance winner is Diane

The winner of the Daisy Fish Creations prize is Karen

And the Clips for My Girls winner is Stephanie U

The Bub & Moo winner is Peta

And the Steve Christides photography winner is Felicity G

WOW I'm finally done! I hope I got all the prizes as I've gone a little cross eyed from reading answers, typing names up and heading to Random.org.

Winners if you are unsure it is your name please feel free to ask on the Bub & Moo FB page and I can clarify and once you know it is you feel free to email the business or tell them on facebook so they can start sending prizes out. If you have any trouble getting in contact with the business please let me know.

 Congrats ladies!!! More announcements to come.

Bring on 2000!!!!

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