Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainbow party

 Bub has been planning her 6th birthday since the day after her 5th one (dinosaur themed). She decided it would be a rainbow party. Lucky for me rainbow seems to be very in this Winter!

Above is what I have so far hidden away for her. The Hootkid Take My Heart dress RRP $39.95 and the gorgeous necklace and bracelet set from Madison Grace Designs (Necklace $13 & bracelet $7) .

Now to decide what to go with it!
 Being in August I might need the Tutti Frutti gumboots ($29.95) from Skeanie, even if it is dry they are still so cute! All the rainbow shoes I've found have been sneakers or boots, maybe I should go a white shoe as the clouds at the end of the rainbow? Also looking for a rainbow hairclip or hat.
Working on the party food is so far fun! I've gotten tall sundae cups in bright colours for drinks, small ones for jelly, pinterest has never ending possibilities & the finishing touches will be Aimless Designs rainbow picks pictured above.

Has anyone done a rainbow party & have suggestions for me with the shoes and/or hair?


Anderson's said...

Ooh for hair you could put J's up in a pony and then plait small parts of it with different coloured ribbon for the rainbow theme!
And of course the rainbow cake with heaps of food colouring ;)

Anderson's said...

Put J's hair up in a pony, take sections and plait them with different coloured ribbon, very rainbowish!

And you cant go past the rainbow cake with all of its food colouring. ;)