Friday, January 25, 2013

Rock Your Baby

S opening his Christmas present (yummy!)
 One of the most affordable Australian labels on the market would have to be Rock Your Baby. They have such a great range of fun and funky designs for both boys and girls. At the moment each of my children has at least 4 of their pieces in their wardrobes! S is definitely the winner though with the cool onesies and rompers which are so easy when they are little but so not boring!
C got spoilt by her aunty

S has currently got the 'I surf small waves II', 'C'mon get happy', 'security' and 'What you talkin about willis' (top picture) plus a heap of pants & tees in 0 for when he grows a bit more. I love the retro designs and they always get comments!

For the girls they have fabulous party dresses, funky tees, cute skirts & cool shorts and jeans. The current favourite here is the cat girl tee for all those superheroes in training. Miss 5 was very jealous when she saw Miss 3 wearing it the first time! My first RYB purchase was a pair of jeans which not only have last through 3 girls but still look fantastic!

They have recently added cushions into the mix and they look amazing! It's hard to pick a favourite. I think mine would be between the kittens & puppy love but then what little girl doesn't like horses? S would have to be surfing! RRP $39.95
M's super hero pose

They are aimed at the under 8s but really hoping they extend it to 10-12 as mine get older!

Check out their sale section for massive bargains on past seasons. Heaps in the single digits!

Anyone else a RYB fan?

back of c'mon get happy

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