Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On the seventh day of Christmas Jelly Bean books gave to me....

I'm lucky enough to have a personalised book already from Jelly Bean Books and it is a favourite for my girls. Today we will have THREE lucky winners with the first person winning 2 deluxe books and 2nd and 3rd get one each.

And just for Bub & Moo likers a 10% discount available until 16/12/11 with the code BUBMOO2011 so grab one for each child!

To enter todays competition send your answers to bubmoo@y7mail.com with the subject: 7th day of Christmas

Answers can be found on Jelly Bean Books website

Question 1: Which book can you get in the Giant Personalised size?

Question 2: Who are the 2 that will write your child a personalised letter?

Question 3: How many Sesame Street books are there?


Remember 3 people win today so be QUICK!!!

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