Monday, December 12, 2011

On the thirteenth day of Christmas firstly Taylor-Maed gave to me....

Lots of giveaways today! To start us off we have Taylor-Maed by Me with a toy clip. As someone who has a throwing baby this would be a godsend from picking up teething toys every few steps at the shop or losing them! The winner gets their choice of the designs.

They may not be taking any more custom orders for the rest of the year but still plenty ready to go in the Ready to Post album!

To win this prize send your answers to with the subject: 13th day of Christmas #1

All answers can be found on the Taylor-Maed Facebook page.

Question 1: In the 'Ready to post' album what is the name of the mini giraffe in picture #8?

Question 2: There are lots of 'Happy Customers' Who is enjoying their rattle ball in picture #10?

Question 3: Which is your favourite Toy Animal?



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