Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the tenth day of Christmas Smiley Tots Clothing gave to me.....

A cute spotty frog!

I love Smiley Tots! Not only are the faces behind Smiley Tots lovely (and very smiley!) the prices are fantastic! C has enjoyed wearing her Christmas tee to all our Christmas events so far and in tomorrows prize you will see a Smiley Tot tee teamed up with a tutu!

You can still grab some Christmas bargains in their sale album but be quick there isn't much left!

To win today once again you need to send your answers to with the subject: 10th day of Christmas

All answers can be found on the Smiley Tots Clothing website.

Question 1: How much can you get the Space Applique on a onesie for?

Question 2: One of the toys has a flower name, what is it?

Question 3: Yee haw! How much is it for the cowgirls set in size 5?


Go go goooo!!

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