Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And finally on the thirteenth day of Christmas Clips for my Girls gave me....

A HUGE pack of hairclips and headbands!

Our last winner gets all of these goodies from Clips for my Girls. I've managed to grab a few clips from Clips for my Girls at the markets and they are all gorgeous! The girls have fun choosing their favourites and I have to tell them just one each!

To win this fabulous pack you have to email your answers to bubmoo@y7mail.com with the subject: 13th day of Christmas 3

All answers can be found on the Clips for my Girls Facebook page.

Question 1: Head to the *Fabric Flowers* album, how many mini fabric flowers are in the hand picture #19?

Question 2: How much are the 20mm woven headbands?

Question 3: Which *Mixed Set* is your favourite?


Thankyou for participating and all winners will be announced tomorrow!

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