Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the ninth day of Christmas Bubbalooz gave to me....

 Todays competition is open to both those in Australia and NZ and is bought to you by Bubbalooz. They have put up the cute Kitty Crayon eggs pictured above which the winner gets to choose 6 and also a lucky dip of the loveheart magnets pictured below by Tinch.

Also for today only Bub & Moo likers get 15% off anything in store INCLUDING Sale items!! Use the code BUBMOO at checkout.
To win todays send your answers to with the subject: 9th day of Christmas

All the answers can be found in Bubbalooz website.

Question 1: How much is the Noah and Bells Lemon Lola dress on sale for?

Question 2: How many eyes does the Little Uglies Mini Target have?

Question 3: Of the Mini Nesting Suitcases which is your favourite design?


Best of luck!!

1 comment:

Barb Hossen said...

1. $25
2. 1
3. Pink Polka Dots