Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A big thankyou to all the fabulous businesses that took part in our 13 days of giveaways and also thankyou to all those that entered whether it was just the one time or every single day. It was great fun and great to see some new faces around the page.

Now to the bit that you all want to know, the WINNERS!

Day 1 from Little TOTS & Beyond the winner was Megan Canfarini

Day 2 with the Agoo water bottles, black was won by Melissa Smith and Pink by Anna Cotter

Day 3 those awesome boots from Allsorts4kids was won by Candice Ecclestone

Day 4 the choice of a piece of Minifin clothing from Denim Baby was Cassandra Merrick

Day 5 Rudy and the Dodo Jellystone designs pieces was Stephanie Young

Day 6 Adorable Affordable's Noah's Ark was Amanda Anderson

Day 7 winners of personalised Jelly Bean Books were Erin Bender, Taryn Hammond and Renee Baker

Day 8 with first prize from Cherry Blossom Wigs going to Marsha Bennett and 2nd, 3rd & 4th being Morena Dobrowolski, Evelina Dobrowolski & Natalie Blanch

Day 9 the Bubbalooz pack was won by Toni Hill

Day 10 that cute Smiley Tot froggy was won by Olivia Flanagan

Day 11 Jan Kunde will have a gorgeous looking girl in a Mini Diva Tutu's Christmas tutu

Day 12 Rebecca Hendy can choose an Alex&Ant water bottle from Designs4kids

Day 13 our first one was from Taylor-Maed by Me and the winner of the toy clip was Kellie Hammond

Day 13 second one from Abi's Inspirations with that cute gingerbread set was Racheal Knudsen

And the final day 13 winner was Nicole White winning the huge pack from Clips for my Girls!

PHEW! That is a lot of winners! If it is premade selection for your prize I will contact you for your address and send it to the store, if it is something you need to choose (personalised books, pick a piece of clothing etc) I will give the store your email address to contact you.

Merry Christmas and thankyou once again for being a part of the fun!

Only 10 people managed to complete all 15 stores questions! I've put their names into Random and the winner was Kellie! Congrats Kellie! I will be in contact with you about your special prize soon :)

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