Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the second day of Christmas Agoo gave to me....

We have so much Agoo around this house! I have never found another clothing range that has the sun protection, ease to clean, easy to play in and no need to iron like I have with Agoo!

Agoo currently have a mega sale going on, the prices are unbelievable. With up to 76% off you are sure to find something within your price range PLUS they have an extra just for Bub & Moo likers, mention that we sent you and they will throw in some of their quality wooden coathangers with your order!

Now onto the bit you are probably all looking for....

All answers can be found in their webpage and here's a hint, search could be the difference between winning or just missing out!

Send your answers to with the Subject: 2nd day of Christmas

Please state whether you would like the PINK or BLACK waterbottle

Question 1: Check out the Monkey legwarmers, what is the monkeys name?

Question 2: What UV rating are the Twozie Hoodies?

Question 3: What special price are the Happy Dresses?


Remember even if you think you are to slow still get your questions in as you may win the extra prize for someone that does all the questions.

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