Monday, October 3, 2011

Stork's Corner and my first fashion show!

 What a fun day we had at the Stork's Corner fashion parade! I had to take my 2 eldest along as my husband was at Gymbaroo with our youngest but they were provided with lollipops while watching so were happy!

On arrival we were given a delicious cookie that had some very Oobi looking cherries on top and a list of all the pieces that were going to be shown so we could tick off the ones we might want to buy (oh so tempting!) and a raffle ticket.

The kids in the show did so well walking out and even doing a few dance moves though the littlest one came out in her own time and didn't want to get out of her cuddlefish bathers.

Now let me just get through all these gorgeous pieces shown in the photos. In the picture above the boys are in the new Electric Boy tees which are seriously cool with Rock Your Baby denim shorts and the girls are in the same dresses featured in the photo below, left to right then top to bottom are....
The Oobi shrug in scarlett with the Rock You Baby Dolly dress, then the Rock Your Baby Collar Dress in black and also from Rock Your Baby the Mad Men Dress, top right is the girls strutting down the catwalk, middle right is little Lexi in the Cheeseclothe dress from Purebaby and Alyssa in Rock Your Baby Bowtie top and Rock Your Baby Twirl skirt and Madison Grace Designs hair bow and finally bottom right is Hannah in the Oobi Holly Dress with Oobi hairbow.
 Now onto the boys! They were all looking very cool in their outfits and there is so much more funky, fashionable clothes for boys coming up this Summer.
On the left Ryder is wearing a Rock Your Baby Western shirt with Rock Your baby cap, top right hes in the Oobi Emerson tee with Oobi check shorts and bottom right Rock Your Baby denim shorts, Rock Your Baby chimp tee and Rock Your Baby Fedora hat.
And finally the gorgeous Lexi again looking applicious in the Oobi Ava hat, Scratch n Sniff tee and the Oobi Molly shorts.
I managed to control myself and just got the Oobi Molly shorts and a Tiger Tribe stamp set and a book for the girls. I'm sure I'll be back though when the weather finally warms up in Perth!

It was so nice to see what the clothes looked like on without being edited or put in studio surroundings (they are even more gorgeous in real life!). We got a goodie bag on our way out and the items matched what I had bought, did they know me that well? lol

If you are in Perth head down to Myaree for a visit at Stork's Corner and see  for yourself, if you aren't in Perth you can still check them out online or give them a call as they ship orders for free when they are over $80!

**All the photographs above are my Lilypad Photography so please don't copy without permission**

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