Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Cheeky Monkey

I ran into Monique from Your Cheeky Monkey on a chat site and had a look at her store. It mostly consists of hand made toys, bags and other useful things for those of us with kids. Plus a few things for Mummies.

That day I bought one of her fair trade Tuttu Turtles (as pictured below) which came in a special pack at a great price on a Thursday (though it was Friday she reopened it for me) with a Monkey finger puppet and fair trade embroidered backpack. These will all be stocking stuffers for Christmas this year. I also got a pack of the fregie sacks. What a great product! They are made in Australia and you use them to put your fruit and vegetables in instead of plastic bags.

I imagine I'll be back for more as I usually get more than 5 things at a time but glad to do my little bit for the planet and they are very cute colours! Plus she has 16 other uses for them listed on the site.

Some of the other products I've been eyeing off include the recycled Jeans bags (get your own Guess bag no-one else owns!) and I love this matching set of red skulls beanie/taggie for boys
But you really must check out the Googly Eyed Bunnies which are handmade using fantastic patterned fabrics and have safety eyes so little ones cant pull or chew them off! No two are the same.
I also must say that the service was excellent! Being in Perth you usually wait about a week for deliveries but I ordered Friday night and it was here by Tuesday, plus it had the added suprise of a Chuppa-chup that I have eaten while writing this blog, lol.
Thanks Monique for your great store

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