Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kids in Australia

This site isn't exactly for shopping on but it will lead you to where all the great shops are plus more!
Kids in Australia have hot sales, reviews, activities to do with your kids and even where to eat. It's so easy to navigate around and the one stop site for all Mums and Dads.

My first stop is always the sales section but after that I head straight to the competitions to see what is currently running as there are always a few. I was lucky enough to win a pack with Agoo and Petit products, both of which I've always been a fan of, before the current new site started.

Currently, as I write this, there are 8 competitions running and there are always more getting added all the time.

One that I would LOVE to win is the every little girls dream party. I could imagine my daughter would have a ball at one of these. Think I will have to start saving and do one for her 5th birthday. As you can see from the picture below the girls have such a fun time.

You (or the birthday girl and friends!) receive bubbly on arrival followed by pampering and games. I want some of these pampering treatments! How does a sensational strawberry foot scrub made of real strawberries sound? Or a cocoa facial? And the lucky birthday girl gets a glamour hair do and spa robe to keep. Even party favours are supplied filled with spa goodies!

The competition is for Melbourne people only as its run by Vonevents and you get to choose between the Ooh La La day spa party for up to 10 people or the Baby Shower Party just by saying in 25 words or less your ideal party and why you should win PLUS you get an extra 5 entries for making a booking with Vonevents and 2 extra entries by blogging or tweeting or facebooking about the competition! Suppose that would give me a good chance after writing this but pity they aren't in Perth! Entries close the 15th of January.

Well, I'm off to enter the Oz Material Girls competition on there as they are my current favourite store while I try my hardest to become super crafty mum. Make sure you add Kids in Australia to your favourites list.

Stay tuned for future blogs as I talk about some new stores that have popped up over the last couple of months.

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