Tuesday, May 31, 2011

♫to market to market....♫

I've become a bit of a market addict lately, there are so many around Perth now and all vary in quality, products and numbers through the door.

I've bought everything from cupcakes, curry, clips and clothes! This is just a few of my tips for when you head to the markets.

1. Set your budget! It's very tempting to go overboard once you see all those cute items, new products and sweet treats.

2. Head off early or towards the end. Some products sell out early in the day but I've also grabbed some bargains in the last hour of shopping.

3. Do a looking lap. My first lap I just look at what everyone has so I don't blow my whole budget on the first aisle!

4. Try and do it pram free. Some locations are not pram friendly or there isn't much space in each aisle, great opportunity for the other half to spend some quality bonding time with the kids while you go browse or use a baby carrier.

5. Take along a reuasable bag, cuts costs for the stall & saves the environment 1 bag at a time!

What catches my eye at a stall

1. Bright, clear signage on the stalls. Love to see the names clearly as it leaves an impression and I go looking for them online later.

2. Friendly looking stallholders. Sometimes the people behind the counter look bored so I just walk past.

3. Clearly priced items. Makes it much easier as a buyer to browse especially at busy stalls where there are a lot of people trying to get the stall holders attention.

4. Have a market day special! Lots of the time the prices at stalls are the same as online if thats always the way I'd rather pay for postage than head out to a busy market with 3 kids! Maybe try for something different to get extra attention, a Facebook likers special where they can mention they are a liker and get something on special, have a different special for each hour of the day or give every buyer a raffle ticket with purchase and draw a winner later on your facebook page/blog.  Have some fun!

5. Lots of stalls now offer wrapped lollies/lollipops to people but how about doing something a bit different? Make up some printed labels to add to the sweets so you are remembered or get balloons made up with your logo, your stall will stand out with helium balloons or kids walking around holding balloons with your logo & will be remembered long after they leave the market.

6. Don't clutter. You might have 20 different patterns of one thing but just put a few out and let people know you have others if they want to see them or as they sell restock.

7. Go for different heights. Add some boxes under your table cloth so when people are walking by they can see everything you have plus its much more eye catching. Use baskets, stands, a pretty piece of furniture, showcase some items on an antique frame or a favourite piece of clothing on a mannequin.

8. Keep your business card in easy reach and add it in with puchases

9. Keep a pack of wipes handy in case a child heads your way covered in cupcake (is my #2)

10. and finally! Try and offer something unique, even if its something you won't sell that can be a centrepiece for your market like your 'couture' piece. A way out their headpiece or clothing item that attracts attention or becomes a talking point, something fun to use your imagination for!

Just thought of another one so #11. Have a mirror!!! My girls love to try hats, headbands, clips etc and see how it looks on them but noone ever has a mirror!

There are lots of markets around and not all are created equal, visit the ones near you before you decide which one is right for you.

Most of all for buyers and sellers have fun! Chat to everyone as the handmade community are a pretty friendly bunch!

Feel free to add any comments of tips you have as either a market goer or stall holder.


Georgie said...

oooo I love the mirror idea ...I have one of those (heck 3 of them)
I am a bit of a minimalist when comes to thinking about stall ;) and so that was good to hear re clutter I almost feel like only having a few items some sort of novelty attraction and lots of fridge art or my designs printed to look like art on the back of a screen and letting people place prepaid customs ;) but that is because i am panicking about getting enough stock together ;)
The only thing I will find hard is the do an offer thing...it costs so much to go to market and as am not a rich WAHM I will look for other added value to give to my market goers rather than a sale price or discount ;) just got to think what ;)
I agree with all your other points...great post Caprice ;)

Jelly Bean Books said...

I love this post Caprice! Whilst I am a market-goer and not a market-staller, I truly appreciate the thought & care that most people put into their stalls, whilst recognising that most are WAHMs just like me. ~ Christine xx

Anonymous said...

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