Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Agoo pay it forward winners announced!

Well those fabulous girls over at Agoo blew me away with their generosity after announcing that EVERYONE was getting a prize plus 3 major winners!

Cooper & Campbell chose the kids nominated by Yana B, Alyssha Paul and Cindy Fairey. Hope they love their surprises!

Just need these people to email Agoo with their nominees addresses

· Mel – posted by Caprice

· Rebekah Taylor

· Xmas Angels

· Barebelliedyeoh

· Claire

· Alyssha Paul

· Cubbie

· Wundergurl

· Annabelle

· Cindy Fairey

· Ozmum3boys

Email address is  sales@agoo.com.au

Thanks so much Agoo for letting me be a part of something so wonderful xx


Alyssha Paul said...

Was wondering if my email went through. As my computer has been playing up lately.

Agoo Australia said...

yes I have it thanks Alyssha. We are working on sending out the packages now but we are still waiting on some addresses to be sent through. We will send out the packages to the addresses we have received so far. Hope you enjoy receiving your Agoo.