Monday, May 23, 2011

Beyond 2000 winners....

Madeleine Hair Design Princess hair pack winner Kimberlee Tan

Cuskiboo winner Jayne

Cuski Pillow winner Cynthia Tatters

Candy Goldsmith winner Felicity Guthrie

Smiley Tots winner Angela Schofield
Speady winner Sarah Bray

Jellybean books 1 winner Evelina Dobrowolski

Jellybean books 2 winner Luke Vu

Cherry Blossom Wigs Bebe Doo winner Rebecca Peters

Cherry Blossom Wigs Headband winner Natasha McIntosh

Burlesque & Pin Up Couture winner Amy Gormley

Sunny Beez winner Melanie De La Garde

Monkeys Over the Moon winner Felicity Caratti

Steve Christides photography winner Rochelle Hooper

Dozey Boo winner Christina Matthewson

Tara Trewhella print winner Nicole Ward

Sosi winner Rachel Griffiths

Inspired Accessories Apron winner Leila Matthews

Ooh La Liza stickers winner Theresa D'Souza

Princess Peanuts Closet voucher winner Bianca Dunn

For the Love of Paper plaque winner Candice Ecclestone

PHEW!!! As much as I love doing giveaways ones this big is full on! Thanks for our record number of entries, thanks for all the fantastic businesses taking part and special thanks to my kids for sleeping when I need to type!

I could never imagine getting to 2000 likers so 2500 seems impossible but if we get there we will do it all again!

Hope you enjoyed. Winners please feel free to contact the businesses about your prize or later on I will email them to let them know your email addresses to contact you :) CONGRATS!

**CUSKIBOO & CUSKI PILLOW WINNERS these prizes are coming from the UK to me so once they arrive I will send them on to you, no need to contact cuski unless you want to thank them after receiving them ;) **


Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job! Congrats to all the winners. Bec from Ooh La Liza x

Jelly Bean Books said...

I totally agree with Bec! Thanks Caprice - can't wait for 2500 :) ~ Christine xx