Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beyond 2000!

I can't believe how quickly this has come but I'm not complaining as it's lots of fun showing you great stores and fabulous prizes!

We have a huge amount this time and its taken me all weekend to do it so let's get started!

First, you don't have to do all the questions, just the ones you want to win. Please send all the answers for the ones you want to win in ONE email to & please don't share answers as each business deserves your support. Entries close Monday 23rd May at 11.59pm and will be drawn (hopefully) on Tuesday the 24th May and posted on the blog (link posted on Facebook).

Some of the businesses answers are found on Facebook and some on their Webpages, whichever it is will be hyperlinked in their business name above their questions. Prizes come directly from the business and Bub & Moo hold no responsibility for lost, damaged or not sent items.

If you make a purchase from one of the businesses this week you get a bonus entry. Please advise if you do with your entry email or if the purchase is made after your questions just email through saying you have.

Madeleine Designs Hair Accessories
Picture #2 in the prize album

1. In the "personalised clippies" album what is the letter on the personalised set?
2. Which number picture is your favourite in the New Boutique Beanie Designs Album?
3. In the Clippie Bonanza~March 2011 what is written about fairies on one of the pictures?

Cuskiboo from Cuski
Picture #3 in the prize album

1. Cuskiboo is the ONLY baby comforter approved by who in the UK?
2. What does 'Cuski' mean?
3. What 3 colours do the organic cuski's come in?

Cuski pillow from Cuski, answers found at The Sleep Store
Picture #4 in the prize album

1. How much do you save when buying the Cuski 2 pack?
2. How much can you currently save on the ERGO baby carriers?
3. In the baby's white noise & music section what are 2 household appliances you can get the noise of on CD?

Candy Goldsmith Art and Photography
Picture #5 in the album (only available it Perth)

1. What is included in the half day shoot on location?
2. What is the cost of a one hour studio shoot?
3. If you wanted a 16x20 inch picture how much would it cost for Candy to print it for you?

Smiley Tots Clothing
Picture #6 in the prize album

1. What size is the Hearts skirt in the Old Stock Clearout Sale!!! album?
2. What is the name of the doll that was the only one left after the markets and was looking for a loving home?
3. Name 2 of the prints available in the boys shorts.

Speady Entertainment
Picture #7 in the prize album

1. How much is the Dinky Dragon costume?
2. If you wanted to make a really BIG cupcake, how much would the pan cost you?
3. In the womens costumes which fairytake costume can you find?

Jelly Bean Books
Picture #8 in the prize album

1. In the Justice League Giant Personalised book which villain are they after?
2. What price is Shipping on the Deluxe Personalised Children's Books?
3. How much is the My Baby Book?

Jelly Bean Books'
Picture #9 in the Prize Album

1. Jelly Bean Books was a great supporter of Joel, what soccer team does Joel play for?
2. What store has Christine started to sell her own handcrafted items? (look for the ponchos)
3. Name one of the stores that made an outfit for Julia for Christmas.

Cherry Blossom Wigs
Picture #10 in the Prize Album

1. What hair colours do the bebe doos come in?
2. In the Bella Curls Colour Chart album what colour is photo #10?
3. The album Hairpiece Collection, photo #16 what is the name of that design?

Cherry Blossom Wigs
Picture #11 in the prize Album

1. How much are the Amber Piggy tails?
2. How many hairpieces have 'wiglet' in their title?
3. How many bow colours are available in the Bebe doos?

Burlesque and Pin Up Couture
Picture #12 in the Prize Album

1. In the BORDELLO - THE ULTIMATE SEDUCTION FOOT WEAR album what colour shoe is
picture #20?
2. What sizes does the Chemise in picture #10 of the Blushing Bridal album come in?
3. What fruit is pictured on some of the shoes in the Pin-up Couture Retro Foot Wear album?

Sunny Beez
Picture #13 in the Prize Album

1. In the Friday the 13th clearance album what coloured flower is on the bow in photo #48?
2. Check out the New Samples album, what colour is the Korker in photo #7?
3. What is the email address to get in contact with Sunny Beez?

Monkeys over the Moon
Picture #14 in the Prize Album

1. What type of ship is in photo 1 of the Designs on the Go album?
2. What fabric is used in the rainbow in one of the tops in the Completed Monkeys Over The Moon April/May 2011 designs album?
3. If you look at the 'info' section of Monkeys Over the Moon's Facebook page where does it say their location is?

Steve Christides Photography (Perth)
Picture #15 in the Prize Album

1. Cake smashes are so much fun! How much is it to do one with Steve Christides Photography?
2. In the Babies album what bub is in picture #9?
3. Who's maternity shoot did Steve do in July 2010?

Dozey Boo
Picture #16 in the Prize Album

1. How much are the gorgeous crocheted toy balls?
2. What percentage can you save off the Summer items?
3. In the Girl's Winter Dresses, size 4 album what is the name of the pinny in picture 3?

Tara Trewhella Photography
Picture #17 in the Prize Album

1. In the Street Photos album what is picture #23 of?
2. What dance studio did Tara do a shoot for?
3. In the 2010.04.15 Macros album what is next to the flower in picture #4?

Picture #18 in the Prize Album

1. Name 3 brands Sosi stocks?
3. What is one of the designs in the Cheeki stainless steel mugs?

Inspired Accessories
Picture #19 in the Prize Album

1. Of course Moo Man is my favourite apron, which one is yours?
2. In the headband album what is on the White lace headband in picture #25?
3. In the Fotos of Fans album who is celebrating their 7th birthday with an Inpired Accessories headband?

Ohh La Liza
Picture #20 in the Prize Album

1. If you wanted a customised one piece long sleeve for your little one how much would it cost?
2. For $12.00 + postage how many customised name stickers would you get?
3. What do you get in the Special Occasion, Birthday Sets?

Princess Peanut's Closet
Picture # 21 in the Prize Album

1. How many gift vouchers are Princess Peanut's Closet giving away in their 500 likes competition?
2. Whats the photographers business name that took the photograph for the Princess Peanut's Closet Profile Picture?
3. One of the Newborn Peanut Pettiskirts is called ...... yellow?

For the love of Paper
Picture #22 in the Prize Album

1. In the Papers Available album what is on paper #8?
2. 'A' Category Frames album how wide is the frame in photo #6?
3. How much can you get a frame for in the grand opening special?

Goodluck to everyone!

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