Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bebe doos

Do you have a bald bub? These are such a cute addition for those of us with bubs that have such little hair you can't use all those cute clips on them. Bebe Doos are a little lace headband with 2 piggytails attached. There are 4 hair colours to match to the closest for your bub and a range of bow options.

Here is C in hers, I was amazed at how well the hair colour matched.

The BeBe Doo is going in my nappy bag for shopping trips so (hopefully) no more people asking "is it a boy?" even when shes wearing all pink!

BeBe Doos are available from Cherry Blossom Wigs and RRP is $20.

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Jelly Bean Books said...

Wow, what an interesting idea and I can't believe how cute she looks! ~ Christine xx