Thursday, September 1, 2011

Agoo & Baby Banz working together

I had to share this from Agoo especially after recently having a mole scare myself.

Agoo Australia and Baby Banz Australia plan to give the Melanoma Institute of Australia as much money as they can for National Shade Day and need your help.

These two sun smart companies, both founded due to a gap in the sun protection market, and a desire to reduce sun related damage in kids, have joined forces to raise money and awareness for National Shade Day, highlighting the need to protect Australians from our harsh sun.

This year, on Friday 2 September, Melanoma Institute Australia is asking you to put your hat on to show your support for National Shade Day.

Wear a hat to work or school, even if you normally wouldn’t. You’ll be helping us raise awareness and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays at the same time.

We want you to protect your children’s eyes as well as their skin.

Purchase any Agoo UV rated tee (sizes 0-8) and receive a pair of Baby Banz or Kids Banz sunglasses valued at $24.95 FREE.

PLUS we will donate $5 from every pack to National Shade Day to support their research into prevention, finding better treatments for melanoma patients and ultimately, a cure.

Please help us to help save kids from unnecessary sun exposure and future damage.

You can find more details about our sun smart products at and

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