Monday, September 5, 2011


With 3 little ones quite close together and getting out without a spare hand this little addition has given me much peace of mind. I used to get M or J to just hold onto the side of the pram but with the wide back wheels it often caught their foot so who would want to hold on? So along came the Tag*a*long!
As you can see it stands out coming in 4 bright colours (tangerine pictured) so the kids know to grab it without a second thought after doing it a few times. I don't ever take it off as it doesn't get in the way when folding the pram. Makes crossing the road easy as the toddler holds onto the Tag*a*long and you have 2 free hands to push the pram.

For the small price of $14.95 it's become a pram essential. Available from Bonito Baby.

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Kimberlee said...

wow! this product is fantastic my kids love to help me push pram too!!!