Friday, July 29, 2011

M's 2nd birthday

 M actually turned 2 way back in May but some of the photos have taken until now to get so I can finally do this post!

Was so much fun planning & being able to use to many great companies I follow on Facebook.

Lucky it was a beautiful, sunny day.

The above bunting was all personalised with the matching invites, thankyou cards, lolly bag toppers and more and came from Print a Party. ($40) It was all very easy to do myself. I went down to Kmart and printed it all out and followed the instruction album on Print a Party's facebook page. My favourite was definitely the lolly bag toppers as it was so different to anything else we've gotten from a party.

Of course the birthday girl had to have her own birthday top (below) and I had been eyeing these off at Mezzies Prezzies for a long time! You can grab them from Mezzies Prezzies for $25 and can even get matching skirts. I also have one for J's birthday in August though in her favourite colour, hot pink.
 And finally the most important part of any party, THE CAKE!!!

I got the tin from Party at My Place. It's in the shape of a daisy and HUGE.

I am not the best cake maker but M totally loved it, probably the fact that it had marshmellows all over the top. We had enough leftover for morning tea for the next week. There are so many great tins including Dora, Elmo, dinosaur and more but I thought with 3 girls a flower will get a lot of use over the years.
I'm not big on the whole lolly bag filled with sugar after eating enough sugar at parties to drive any parent to insanity for the rest of the day so I had sultanas, a milky way and some bargains I got from Rudy and the Dodo in the bags which were a hit.

All in all it was a great morning and I didn't need to leave the house to organise any of it!

Now to start planning for the other 2 birthdays I have coming up in the next 4 weeks.....

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It looks like it was such a lovely day...