Friday, February 10, 2012

Tiger Tribe

The gorgeous fun products from Tiger Tribe are EXTREMELY addictive! So far we have magnets and stamps of all kinds.

J's favourite is her dinosaur magnets. Every morning when she wakes up she does her dinosaur jigsaw puzzle then plays with her Tiger Tribe dinosaur magnets until she hears someone else getting up then she comes out.

Last time we were down at Stork's corner M chose the Dress Up Girls Magna Junior set. It's a cute little tin case that has lots of magnets including the head, body and legs. You match up the outfit you want to dress your girl up in with 6 different options of each. It's perfect to carry along when out in the car, at lunch or waiting for appointments.

Finally our stamps. These only ever come out when C is in bed as it doesn't take long until ink is all over hands (and once the couch!!). The girl's love making stories with their stamps or cards for people (I think I like stamping just as much as the girls.) We even have a reward stamp for special moments.

When I was in Funky Kids the other day I saw the new range of bags which looked super cool, the wall art is very funky and I'm sure we need some more stamps....

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Laura @ SpottyOwlDesign said...

You're right, those bags are gorgeous!