Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stuck on You - labels and personalised items

My eldest is starting school this year and I've been trying to get organised.

We hit the Target back to school sale for a backpack (yay for wanting a dinosaur one over the Barbie that was $10 more), Big W for their sale to get socks, shoes, skorts, lunchbox and a hat so all that was left was labels, drink bottle and stationary.

As usual I headed online. Stuck On You is pretty well known as you can get their products through Officeworks now.

My daughter and I had a great time picking through the items, what designs she wanted, what colours, even the writing style!

We ended up with one of the stainless steel waterbottles with the butterfly design and her name printed down the side, pink pencil case with robots, name stickers with castles, iron on name tags with dinosaurs, round shoe dots with unicorns and we also got the stationary pack that comes with scissors, pencils, ruler, erasers, sharpener and textas all with their name printed on them.

I know chances are some will go missing (most kindergarten kids won't be able to read her name lol) but hopefully most of it stays around for a few years!

The only problem I had was that it took quite a while to get here and I saw on their Facebook page that a lot of others had the same problem so I would be ordering now for the school year. Apparently they had some problems with the new system and it's all been worked out though I don't mind getting a $5 credit with my order so will be back for #2 who starts school next year!!!

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