Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tefal Fresh Express

 Tefal has some great products out. I've always wanted an Actifry but not within our budget at the moment and as a regular knuckle grater the Fresh Express definitely appealed to me!

We grate a lot of vegies around here. I'm not much of a meat eater plus with the fact you can get a kilo of carrots for 99c and a kilo of mince is around $10 I know which one I use for the majority of my spaghetti.

The Fresh Express looks cute on the benchtop with it's bright colours and doesn't take up much space. It retails for around $89 but I regularly see them on special when Myer and the like have 15% off all small appliances.

It has 5 different grating and slicing options, in the picture below you can see my onion done on the thin slice and at the bottom my grated carrot.
 I'll start with the Pro's.
The best thing is how easy it is to clean. All the pieces washed easily under the tap.
Everything I have grated/sliced so far has gone through easily and not ended up mush. I'm yet to try it on slicing tomatoes or grating the onion, I've mostly used it for slicing onion, grating cheese, carrot and zucchini.
No more tears!! From that first slice of an onion I have tears streaming down my face but now my Fresh Express does it all quickly for me!
And the cons.
It needs an on/off switch. I had a few problems with food spilling out while I'm trying to hold down the power button and push down the food, I have one bowl that fits perfectly under it so if I use this one every time I have less spills.
The next thing is the narrow chute. I can fit a carrot or smaller zucchini down it but onion, cheese and larger zucchinis I've had to slice before putting them in.
Finally that last little bit of vegie or cheese seems to get stuck between the grater and plastic, it's easy to get out and usually becomes Mum's appetiser.

Overall I love it and can't wait to experiment a bit more and make some carrot cake and hash browns and slicing some fruits! No more cut knuckles and lots more healthy meals. Now to start saving for my ActiFry....

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