Thursday, April 21, 2011

Agoo & the gift of giving

Most blog followers know how much I love Agoo, part of that love for the brand is the fantastic people behind the business. Susan and Alison are the faces behind Agoo, there to answer your questions at odd hours of the night, solve any problems you are having and sending out those gorgeous items  at super speed even during their awesome sales!

It was late last night when Susan came to me with her idea, as you can imagine her children have a LOT of fantastic clothing so she wanted to pay her girls Easter gift from Alison's family forward.

What we would like is for you to nominate a child that you think deserves a bit of Agoo. Have they been unwell? Accomplished something amazing? You let us know here and Alison's kids will judge who they think needs the Agoo. Would be a great surprise for some families.

One entry per person and the it runs from now until Sunday the 8th May at Midnight. If you are not a follower of Bub & Moo or Agoo Australias facebook pages please leave a contact email so we can tell you if you win!


Toni hill said...

I would like to nominate my oldest daughter Matilda, In summer she is just about always covered in heat rash always telling me shes itchy and in winter she needs to be fully covered away from the nasty biting bugs they always find her She has a little allergy to biting bugs and always comes out in big welts lasting upto a week, She would appreciate some new clothes,

preece said...

Received through email from Mel:

don't know if it's 'cause I'm sleep deprived - but I couldn't find an email address for Bub& Moo on the blog page! Love the idea of this, how amazing are the ladies from Agoo? At any rate, it's a difficult choice, but I'd really like to nominate Elliot J*. Elliot was born early on the 8th of December 2008, a pretty amazing Christmas gift for his parents. He was born with multiple congenital heart defects (TGA, ASD, VSD, PDA, and lots of other combinations of letters that are scary to look at, let alone even contemplate!) He had his first heart procedure when he was 15 hours old, and has made it through three more procedures since. He is an amazing little warrior, and has battled through more health problems in his short time,including a new kidney disorder on top of his heart problems than most kids have in their entire lives! I honestly believe that if anyone deserves a little bit of extra Easter cheer, and some karma paid forward to them - it is definitely little Elliot, who is one of the most amazing, happy little boys I've ever seen. His story, his courage, and his wonderful nature shine through in every image you can see of him! Cheers, Mel

Rebekah Taylor said...

I would like to nominate my friends daughter (9) who has multiple serious medical conditions, requiring her to have a feeding tube. Her heart is not working as well, and now her liver is failing. She never complins, but the other day asked if her mum could enter a 'win a wish' promo so she could win 'getting better!'... She would really benefit from a 'pick-up' at the moment!

Melissa J said...

I would like to nominate my friends baby boy Raith. He is a gorgeous little newborn and both Stacey (his mum) and Raith have had a few bumps in the road since his birth. He has issues with latching and as a result mum and bub have been very distressed and sick as well.

I know this prize would make Raith and Stacey's day and they both need some big cuddles right now.

Xmasangels said...

I would like to nominate my daughter Charlotte, she is going to be 10 in 3 wks time, Charlotte has cerebral palsy, and is confined to a wheelchair, Charlotte never complains even though she often has to just watch while her 5 siblings do fun active things, eg: bike riding, running jumping etc,
Charlotte even tough she is unable to walk, so is totaly aware of fun her siblings and friends are having doing stuff she is only able to dream about

Agoo Australia said...

I just finished explaining to my two sons that they will get to pick the winners and they are very excited that they will be giving prizes away on behalf of Agoo. They think it is great that other children will be as lucky as them to wear Agoo as well............. how sweet, they are our no.1 fans. Thanks for all the great entries and a big thanks to Susan and Candice for making this happen, we love paying forward kindness so it gives me goosebumps reading the entries so far. All the best, Ali and the judges (Cooper & Campbell)

Yana B said...

I would like to nominate my friends little boy. His name is Cooper.

Cooper was born at 30 weeks. His Mum and Dad got to take him home at 5 weeks old, Only to return to hospital the following day. Tests confirmed that Cooper has Bacterial Meningitis. He spent the next 6 weeks fighting for his life. Then he was finally lucky enough to return home again. Unfortionatly that didnt last long.

Cooper started having seizures again and his head was swelling due to fluid building up on his brain. He has had 2 surgeries and a drain put in the release the fluid. During the second surgery Cooper had 2 bleeds to the brain. He is stable for now. He is such a strong little man to come this far

He is now just over 100 days old and spent most of his life in hospital with his mum by his side. Unfortionatly this is not the first time this family has been through all of this. They also have a 5 year old Lachlan who was born at 23 weeks and as a result has special needs relating to being premature.

Please think of this family who have been through so much yet are still so strong!

Squid Squiddy AKA Kitty said...

Hi A friend of myn said i should Nominate my Little Commander Chakotay. It will be hard to compress it down but here I go:)

My son started his Journey fighting tough all the way I nearly lost him at 22 weeks pregnancy and every day was just a miracal he stayed with us after that. I Never thought he would ever reach this side of the world. He Struggled to grow in the womb And eventually stopped growing at 28 weeks. We had scans nearly every day and monitoring. In the end it was daily. Each day of my pregnancy was another i struggle to become happy, as i knew each moment of the day we could of lost him and the chances of him making it were very slim. I was on bed rest since week 12.

I was not ment to go past 32 weeks pregnancy But my Ob took Holidays and poor hospital management ment I went to 35 weeks after Chakotay stopped growing in womb at 28 weeks.He was delivered Via Emergency c-section. It was Such a shock i now had to discover what it was like to have a baby who made it to birth. I was protecting my self for so long trying not to be exited incase we lost him it was hard to become exited and joyfull it was all so real.

I had a brief moment with him before he went to special care on cpap and in a hunidy crib. After have 4 previous children Having a son in special care for 17 days and not providing for his needs and having him room in was very hard. The nursed did everything I pumped the Breast milk out they fed him they changed him bathed him saw to his every need i was like a vistor to my own son. :(

When we left the hospital 21 days after birth with our prem feeling joyful we could act like a real family.5 Days after hospital was when it all started. He was re-admitted with bronchitis for 5 days. From march to Nov the max break he had was 10 days at best with out illness and respiratory infections. That Nov after being so overly exhausted and frustrated with drs i was so uspet in emergency tobe back there again I demanded further testing. He was found to be severely enimic and they wanted to do blood transfusions But i pleaded and begged for there to be other options first. He had previously had so many needles as it was and wasnt even 1 yet. He was on a High course of iron for months. Eventually his iron levels rose But his frequency of hospital visit did not go down.
They have run so any tests to have no answer still.

The last time was 9 days ago. Started out the same couldnt breath and was chesty his stomach sunken in under his ribs and his head was typically bobbing as he struggled to breath. While in emergency this time things took a turn for the worst next thing i knew we were been rushed off on the bed to resus room he has lost all colour and we were loosing him. They couldn't get a vein in they tried so many times on legs feet arms. There were 6 drs all over us trying frantically to get a vein and stabilize him. All his veins were shut down from to many admissions previously and not enough time for healing. They used a scalp vein after several times attempting to find one on his head and stabilized him THANK GOD!! He spend 5 more days in hospital 4 with cpap oxygen he had a massive asthma attack on top of bronchitis.

When we left the hospital i thought this must be the last of it He cant handle more.. But no he has had a running nose since and this morning he is congested and working a bit hard to breathe again and i think the cycle of going bk to hospital is inevitable for us again.

He is amazinly strong and copes with it all so well. My heart breaks to see him sick he struggles to gain weigh from constant sickness but always has a smile for you even with tubes hanging out of him or behind hospital crib bars We named Him Chakotay Thats means "peace in the valley" We thought it was very fitting.

Alison Gibson said...

Hi I would like to nominate my daughter Susanah she is 16 months old.

Since she was 7 1/5 months she has been strugling to put on weight after getting sick and staying over night in hospital.

We would see the peadiatrican evey 2 months and she was classed as Failure to thrive. heaps of blood tests were done and a few others as well. My last visit on tues 19th april (Easter week)we found out the results and it wasnt what was expected.

Susanah has a duplicated chromosone that they dont know what it means so will have to have more tests done. But worse was the fact they have diagnosed her with Cystic Fibrosis.

We now have a long road ahead to keep her healthy. Now waiting to hear from the CF clinic the only one close is 3.5-4 hours drive away. My little fighter is only just 8kg at 16 months would realy like her to grow

barebelliedyeoh said...

there are two little boys from my home town. their dad died suddenly and unexpectedly less than a year ago. he was the captain of our fire brigade and a very much liked man in the community. their mum is from south africa, she has only been here a few years.

barebelliedyeoh said...

two little boys from my home town lost their dad unexpectedly. he was a wonderful man and the captain of our fire brigade. they live on a very large farm.

Claire said...

I'd like to nominate my Nephew Ryan for a bit of Agoo love. After fighting his parents, not wanting to use the potty, little Ryan is finally giving up the struggle and stress and is using it on his own, much to his parents delight.

Alyssha Paul said...

I would like to nominate my son, Tyla. He suffers from Atopic Excema since he was 1 day old. In summer he is constanly itchy from the heat which makes his excema break out and in winter it gets really bad and sometimes we have to wrap his legs and arms in bandages to stop him from scratching and to help him heal. We are hoping we are finally on top of it now with some cream we have finally got from the doctor.
Even though he will never stop having excema. He has now worked out to put cream on his 'Itchies' and not scratch.

cubbie said...

would like to nominate Christa who was born with Down Syndrome. She had open heart surgery when she was 3months old, which complicates things a bit as she turns 1 year old on 11th of May. Because kids with an extra chromosome, their nasal bone structure is very shallow. And I am just learning to understand what this means : a mere cold / sniffles can cause the biggest dramas on her nasal tubes and her breathing it’s straight to the GP for a script for antibiotics. Genetically, we also carry the asthma gene, thus further increasing the risk of allergies once she has begun eating solid foods.

cubbie said...

would like to nominate Christa who was born with Down Syndrome. She had open heart surgery when she was 3months old, which complicates things a bit as she turns 1 year old on 11th of May. Because kids with an extra chromosome, their nasal bone structure is very shallow. And I am just learning to understand what this means : a mere cold / sniffles can cause the biggest dramas on her nasal tubes and her breathing it’s straight to the GP for a script for antibiotics. Genetically, we also carry the asthma gene, thus further increasing the risk of allergies once she has begun eating solid foods.

Ay Fun said...

I would love to nominate my husband's neice Natalia for some AGOO love, her daddy left her mummy and she was only 2 years old, although you may think she is too young to know she knows! IT is sad but now just having her 4th birthday she is coming to know that her daddy still does love her even though he has left his mummy.
Some love with agoo would be most wonderful for my neice Natalia. I can be a really nice aunty to her but i can't be her daddy!

megan canfarini said...

I would love to nominate my eldest son, he has a speech problem and gets quite frustrated about it which does lead to tantrums.
He started kindergarten this year and i was worried about how he would cope BUT he has pleasantly surprised me and is doing very well. He has already received 4 merit awards and the other day his teacher asked to have a chat to tell me how well he is doing and how well behaved he is.
He has also started speech therapy and is making great progress
I am so proud of my little boy and all his hard work, i would love to reward him

wundergurl said...

My sweet Miss 5 Caitlyn. Nothing comes easily with her you have to work with her at it. But shes getting bigger now and tries really hard and has been doing so well in school and going to bed on time, never complains getting up early. Shes doing better on eating more foods and trying new foods. Shes a sweet girl who lights up my world daily

Annabelle said...

We hadn’t a clue,
Until our newborn had a standard review,
No response to sound,
We were petrified and astound!
Our beautiful baby boy,
However sound he could never enjoy….
Our child epitomises bliss,
Life experiences we did not want him to him to miss,
We’ve been guided all the way,
We seeked professional support without delay,
We give him unconditional love,
He’s our angel from above,
Communication and bonding is the same,
We cuddle, use words, gestures, and facial expressions and play the peak-a-boo game!
He smiles and cries,
And communicates marvelously through hand gestures and his eyes,
He’s now 3 months old,
And toys he can now hold!
We’ve ONLY now realised that his loss of hearing is a gift,
It’s taught our family to shift,
The way we communicate with one another,
I feel very blessed to be a mother,
We see the world in a different light,
Our son has brought us sheer delight!

Karen Turner said...

I would like to nominate my little man Jay (7) who has the kindest soul and most loving heart, he will race into the bathroom just to open the shower door for you to step out, give you a cuddle unexpectably and say I love you and tell you mum you look beautiful even when your not feeling so glamourous. He is kind, generous, funny and our gorgeous little man who we love and adore. Everyday my daughter and I glance at each other and give a little nod at each other because we know just how lucky we are to have him as a part of our lives :)

Cindy Fairey said...

Hi, I would like to nominate my niece Madalyn Rose(3 1/2) As in the last few months she has had to grow up so much ore then she should have to, because her mummy, my twin sister Bianca( ),was diagnosed with chron's disease and with living with so much pain her daughter stepped up to the plate and helps in so many ways with her younger twin sisters. I am a proud Aunty but would love nothing more then to be able to make Maddie feel extra special for all that she does from her heart for her Sisters and Mummy and Daddy :) Thank you for the chance to enter :)

Sharyn Haigh said...

I am going to Nominate my Eldest Aimee for her oustanding effort in School. I got the shock of my life when an art piece she had been working on in her class was Published in our local paper. Then I received a Phone call From our Local Arts Society asking if they could Display her Piece in the Young artists Section of their Museum. She is only in Year 2 and Proving to be well on her way towards Her career she wants. Well Done Aimee We are all so Proud of her :) cc

Candice said...

I am going to nominate a little boy that I dont even know (I hope I can do that) He lives in my suburb and I came acoss his story from our local news last year when they were fundraising to grant him his wish of going to Disneyland.
His name is Zachariah Davies and he has just celebrated his 7th birthday in April. Just before his 5th birthday he was diagnosed with an extremely aggresive cancerous tumour on his spinal column and right arm. He spent most of 2009 in PMH, undergoing 6 months of chemo & 2 months of radiotherapy. In November 2009 he was sent home but unfortunately the cancer returned in September 2010 and there is no further treatment that Zach can have.
You can read about his story on their Facebook page - I have been following Zach's updates for some time. -!/pages/Getting-a-little-Bunbury-battler-to-Disney-World/174692669224301

I think it would be lovely for him to receive some beautiful Agoo clothing......from a complete stanger!!!

ozmum3boys said...

I would like to nominate our foster son L we have had him since he was 6 months old. He was born with alot of problems that meant he needed a colostomy as well as some other things. He had 12 surgeries in the first 12 months that we had him which meant alot of time in hospital and alot of expense. It also meant that his clothes didn't last long due to leaks and smells alot of his clothes had to be thrown out straight away. He has had his colostomy reversed but still has a lot of surgeries to go and probably will need them the rest of his life :( He has kept a smile on his face the whole time and is now 2 and a half and I think he would love to win :)

CrankyMum- said...

I would like to nominate the kids of
Jess (~QUIXOTE~) on Essential Baby , she has just given birth to prem twins at 23W6D . You can read the thread here

The family has been doing it tough for the last few years . I don't know the family personally but would love to bring a smile to their faces during this tough time .

Tracy (an EB member ;)