Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2nd giveaway. Rocket Creative Design

Todays giveaway is a fantastic one! 1 person will win a custom designed logo from Rocket Creative Design!!

The prize includes 3 concepts and 3 revisions and is worth a whopping $500!

Rocket Creative Design is run by the lovely Jody who designed my logo for Bub & Moo plus the welcome page and contact us form! I love the job she did with it.

Check out her previous work and her Facebook page where she is always happy to answer questions.

Now to win this awesome prize all you have to do is leave a comment about your business and the idea for what you'd like to see on your logo. One entry per business and you have until 4pm WST tomorrow the 7th April 2011 to get your entries in. I'll even ask Jody to come help me judge the winner!


WOW that was the hardest one I've ever had to judge! We had so many great entries. How do you choose between people starting out, charities and WAHMs?? In the end we went with 'Party at My Place', congrats! Message Jody over at Rocket Creative Design and she will get to work on your logo. I can't wait to see it!

All our other entrants win aswell as Jody has offered for you all to receive a logo designed for just $200 saving $300!


Party at my Place said...

Hi from Party at My Place

We specialise in party supplies, in particularly for kids.

We desperately need a new logo! As we are currently just using a photo from last years birthday party! Ooops!

Id love to see something that incapulates Party at My place. Bright, inviting and lots of fun!

Thank you for tyhe opportunity!

Steven said...

Hello im Steve and i run a computer/laptop repair business on facebook. i would absolutely love a new logo, at the moment everything is very plain so to win this would mean so much to me. I would like the Professional look it would add so much more to my business,

Anonymous said...

Hi from Sally Ruth.

We are an online boutique that sell handmade and Australian designed products.

It's like visiting your local makers market but online!

Check out

We would love to see something basic for our logo but reflects our love of handmade!

Thanks! Good luck everyone!

Sally Ruth

Anonymous said...

We are a community page Called Awareness Angels

- we share awareness about a lot of things - we support many charities .. and causes ..

We would love the help with a log .. as our logo is just a photo a special friend took .

We help people in their time of need every day and would love that chance for someone to help us out .. thank you for the opportunity for this ..

Anonymous said...

Hi.I'm a stay at home Mum looking to make a few extra $$ with my spcial handmade baby items, I sell on facebook only and the name is The Mummy Owl. My name represents the fact I'm a Mummy, I LOVE owls and it helps that I'm a night owl!!
I would love a logo that displays my business name with a Mummy & a Baby owl....

Kimberlee said...

love to have a new logo for my small little FB page.. right now my logo is just a little favourite photo of mine!

thank you

Squ1rt said...

I help run a not for profit, and we are just writing a Brief about what we would like to see in our new look logo design! and then about to decide how we would go about getting a design! with little money it can be difficult and a logo is not hte first thing not for profits need to be spending money on! We have considered runnign a comp, to raise profile and engage people and students who have an interest or talent that might not otherwise have the opportunity to do this.. but not sure what we would do from there on in... Prizes, judges etc...

Anyway - winning one would sure make life simpler... and what a got opportunity!
web -

Lauren said...

Hi there!

I'm from Jellybean (Hand-crafted) Creations.
I have a facebook page which is

I have been using my work as my display picture but would love a Logo to complete my business.
As I LOVE colour, It'd be great to see something that looks like its about to jump off your page! something 3D looking with jellybeans would look rather awesome. With some funky font to stand out over the top.
I'm not too sure what else I would want to see. Winning this competition would be fabulous.. making it easier to promote my business a little better, and attract people to come back again :)
Anyway, cheers.


amie-lee81 said...

Amie from Amies~Avon here. I would love a fantastic logo for my page as i really am not very clever with this sort of thing and do not have the right programs to do them.
Would love to see on my logo lots of bright colour maybe with a splashed makeup effect too it

Cynthia said...

I am Cynthia from Cynthia's Petti-Skirts. I have beautiful handmade petti-Skirts and accessories for little princesses from babies to pre teens. I want my logo to be very glitzy and glam. That looks like a botique but appeals to the princess in all age groups. Eye catching, and beautiful <3

Thanks Cynthia

info said...

Hi from The Karma Soap Company
I hand make fresh goats milk soaps in a range of colors and fragrances for people with sensitive skin or people that are cautious of what they are putting on their skin.

Something that means calm, relaxing, supportive, bubbly, environmentally friendly

Squ1rt said...

Congrats "Party at My Place"!!! So cool! ANd thanks to Jody for the fab offer... will need to take it to the board! but that is extremely generous!!! And thanks Bub & Moo!

Julie said...

I'm looking for something simple yet elegant. I have my colors picked out already. I run a photography business and I am still in the start up process.
I want a black and white backrground that is elegant (not geometric) and I would like my business name written in red. All text. No images.
Sounds easy right? I just need someone to make it look sharp! Hope this entry isn't too late to count. Thanks!