Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are 'designer' prices expensive?

Recently I was reading a facebook status on the Offspring Magazine page about their fashion spreads and whether people liked them. I was totally amazed at the amount of responses saying designer labels where to expensive and when others asked these people if they had even looked at the prices there was no response.

For me personally as the mother of 3 girls I'd prefer to pay a little extra for quality that will last all 3 of my girls and that hopefully wasn't made in a sweatshop paying the worker a few cents to make the garment.

BUT you don't always have to pay more! This cute little duck dress I got for Miss M cost a grand total of $2.50!! Yes you read that right, a 2 followed by 50 cents! I actually bought 6 pieces for $15 then a few dollars postage on top from Lil Miss Tutu. Sure, it's not every day you get bargains like that but regularly during the sales you can find things at the Target/Big W price or less online and you don't have to deal with taking the kids out to the shopping centre and then end up spending more on other things that catch your eye or deal with other parents that are over it too. 

I know it took me a while to take the plunge into online shopping, you are worried about using your credit card online, if the item is as good in real life as it looks on the computer and if it will fit.

Most stores are extremely helpful with sizing, they will tell you if its an average fit or a bit smaller make and you can also ask in most parenting forums or on pages like Mum's Grapevine or Kid Style File where you can also find out about the latest sales and deals going on.

In all my years as an online shopper I have never had a problem with my credit card (besides overuse on my account) and with PayPal it makes it much more secure or on most sites they also offer direct deposit if you feel its safer that way or you don't own a credit card.

A lot of stores are now using facebook to clear stock aswell, you can check out F.B.G.S. (facebook garage sale) to see who's got one coming up.

Finally, think about where the money is going that you are spending on clothes. Most of these online stores and labels are owned by WAHM's not big multi million dollar corporations. Take for example Eternal Creation, by shopping here you are supporting a whole village in the Himalayas who get fair pay and better maternity leave than us! It's all handmade not by big machines and doesn't contain all those chemicals you can smell on certain clothes plus it is all totallly gorgeous and chances are you won't see another child out in the same outfit. It also helps that they have a huge up to 50% off sale at the moment!

Storewise check out Whimsy Child, they have fantastic quality dresses going for as little as $16! Leggings $7, shirts $8, PJs $37.95 down to $10!! These are clothes that aren't going to wear out, fade or lose their shape after one wear. Sure there are some items that cost a bit more but once again you are paying for something that isn't mass produced by machines.

Even better you can go to a WAHMs store that makes her own items and you are guarenteed noone will have something exactly the same as you. Each item is made with loving care and differently each time or you can put in a custom order for something you have in mind. Try Millaruby Designs for everything from toys to dresses to hairclips.

I wish I had the talent of these women but unfortunately I wasn't born with that gene though I will gladly keep shopping this way so why don't you take the leap and try online shopping for yourself?

Very deep post to start the year, lol, but back to more fun shopping talk soon. Also make sure you are a fan on facebook as we are nearly at 1000 likers!!


MillaRuby Designs said...

Thankyou so much caprice for mentioning millaruby designs. I love making toys and clothes that look designer but affordable for those with regular incomes!

Tara Christides said...

Great blog Caprice.
I agree with you 200%. I used to shop at the brick & morter chain stores and quickly learnt that their clothes simply do not last. Thankfully I met you and you introduced me to the wonderful world of online shopping!
I now buy 'designer' pieces for the same price that I would at chain stores, but a lot the time for less! All of the clothes I have kept from my first son and my second son is wearing them now. AND, they will still be in excellent condition for the 3rd bundle of blue due in March.
Some items may cost a bit more but when you get 3 kids wear out of it and it still hasn't lost it's shape, it's certainly worth it!

Candice said...

Thanks to you as well I have found the world of online shopping just so much easier. Carting my 2 boys around to the shops could be a nightmare lol. It is nice that they wear clothes that are different to the big chain stores and of course the customer service you receive from the online stores is so much better!!

Raegan said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself Caprice! As an online store owner my kids road test all the brands we stock and whether my youngest daughter likes it or not she does get hand me downs. It is the designer brands that go the distance, so i personally think it's worth spending a bit more to have quality clothing that lasts and of course looks AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caprice,

Thanks so much for your post. So often we see posts like these written by boutique owners (nearly all the online boutique owners I know have small children!) We all say the same thing, but, I think somehow it gets lost as being 'advertising' hype, but it really is true!!

I personally have experienced buying designer quality items for my eldest daughter, passing them on to her cousin, who then passes them back & they end up with my sisters littlest... still in great condition! & this was long before I owned a store :)

I call it CPW- cost per wear :) maybe just my justification, but really, buying cheap clothing is just false economy, & that doesn't even touch on that other area you mentioned- so completely unknown to the average Australian- the underpaid, overworked, underage workers manufacturing the 'cheap' clothing. You have to stop for just a minute & think about how much those workers are actually getting if you can buy an item at RRP $10 or less.

ok...rant over! Thanks Caprice :)