Monday, January 31, 2011

1000 likers!!

Well I never thought this moment would come, 1000 likers on my FB page!! It's such a HUGE giveaway and the stores involved have been very generous. I hope you all enjoy looking through the stores involved and support them.

Anyway onto the competition!

Please email through your answers to along with your Name and State and Boys or girls prize pack and if you are from Perth your childrens ages if you want to be in the draw for the Kid Nation prize.

If there is only a FB page answers can be found there, if there is a FB page and webpage answers are found on the webpage unless stated.

Little Posh
1. Where are Little Posh located?

2. SYM make gorgeous, funky lunchboxes. What does the SYM stand for?

3. This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy can be found at little posh, what is it?


1. Theres a pretty little Babushka bow holder, what colour is her bird?

2. You can't shop at BOWtique without looking at the bows, which ones your favourite, I'd like to know?

3. BEAUtique offers accessories for boys, name 2 of the Fedoras.

Noahs Art Nursery
1.From the 2010 creations what is one of the names on a personalised wipes case with Bob the Builder material?

2. Which fabric in the fabric stash would you choose for your Noahs Art creation?

3. How much is the small wipes case with embroidery?

Whimsy Child

1. Whats one special feature of the Vapur bottle?

2. What brand will you see Collin the Pirate on?

3. How much do you need to spend to get free shipping?

Taylor-maed by Me

1. There is a gorgeous horse named Astro, how much is he?

2. What sizes do the Blue Camo Nappy Cover & Matching Singlet Set come in?

3. There are lots of happy customers, which little boy is the owner of Lenard the owl?

Adorable Affordable

First 2 questions from FB page and #3 from webpage
1. What brand of shoes are on sale?

2. In the girls clearance sale album picture #19 is?

3. What 2 colours does the Mellobaby nappy wallet come in?

Bright Star Kids agent Julie Seccull

1. Arrrr me hearties, what is the pirate bagtags name?

2. How can you get 40 FREE tiny labels?

3. How much is it for a pack of date stick on labels?

Kid Nation Agency!/pages/Kid-Nation-Agency/10150123520740602

1. Name 2 locations you can find the drama academy.

2. What age is the Kadets class for?

3. What state is the academy coming to in term 3 2011?


1. What are one of the features of bamboo fabric?

2. What colours can you get the Stainless Steel Waterbottle H2O Solo in?

3. Which leggings would you choose to keep your little ones legs warm this winter?

Smiley Tots!/smileytotsclothing

1. What brand of jewellery do Smiley Tots have for mums?

2. Name 2 of the prints on the Summer dresses.

3. Name 2 of the appliques you can get on boys shirts.

Wild Scarlet!/Wildscarletonline

1. What type of tree is one of the girls clothing brands under?

2. What dresses can you find in Mango for Women?

3. Name your favourite Jersey PJs.

Yummy Mummy Dummy Clips!/YummyMummysDummyClips

1. How much is the personalised beaded dummy clip?

2. What bird is on the clip holder?

3. in the photo section what name is on the train dummy clip?

Magic Rainbow Handmade Dolls!/pages/Magic-Rainbow-Handmade-Dolls/137148116316804

1. Name 2 of the features you can personalised on the Waldorf Lifesize Newborn Baby

2. What bonus do you get if you are one of the next 5 purchasers of the Rainbow dolly dress?

3. What was the name of the xmas 2010 dolly?

Clips for my girls!/ClipsformyGirls

1. In the *bows* album what colour is picture #27?

2. I love a bit of *bling*, how much is it for a pair of bling clips?

3. What market did Clips for my girls attend on 7th November 2010?

Gifts by KCreely!/pages/Gifts-by-KCreely/172530789449107

1. What comes with the Tigger hooded towel?

2. What is on the 'Dana' style necklace?

3. Which one is your favourite candle holder?

Little Willows!/littlewillows

1. What comes in the Billy Baby gift pack?

2. What is the cuddly elephant Zoobie pets name?

3. What colour ribbon is the Classic Cream Pearly Girl necklace on?
And now for the little difference this time around *BONUS ENTRIES*
There are 2 ways to earn 2 extra entries this time around.
#1 like all the pages on FB
#2 purchase at any of the participating stores during the competition period.
Please write on your entry if you have done either or both of these to earn your extra entries, if you have already sent your entry in feel free to email again if you make a purchase or like all the pages. There are a possible 3 entries total but you MUST do the questions to qualify for the drawing before earning bonus entries.
And the nitty gritty.
Only one entry per person.
You must get all the answers right so dont mke them up lol
Please don't share your answers.
Entries close Monday 7th February at 11.59pm
The prizes come directly from the businesses so Bub & Moo hold no responsibility for lost, damaged or not sent items.
Any problems just email me or ask on the Bub & Moo facebook page.
Have fun!!!

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