Monday, June 4, 2012

Hootkid clothing

 I'm almost scared to share this store, they only stock one of each size in each design so once it's gone it's gone!

Hootkid was started by Caroline who has been in the fashion industry for 15 years buying fashion for some of Australia's biggest retail stores before becoming a Mum and starting Hootkid in October of last year.

The clothes on Hootkid are funky, fun and the kids will enjoy wearing all the outfits if they are anything like mine.
 I was immediately drawn to the 'I'm All Set' Dress (pictured above and top). At $59.95 you are getting 3 different combinations. You can wear it as pictured on the site or like the picture above just the rainbow dress or just the wing heart tee with pants or a skirt. Every day without fail M has been asking to wear it so hopefully it holds up through the many, many washes until she grows out of it and it's C's turn to wear it all the time. I just love how bright it is for a Winter outfit, I love colour and even more so when it's dreary outside. Team it up with some bright tights for really cold days. It is also available with a pink or navy wing tee.

Pictured below is J in the Step it up Scarf (available in 9 colours) $13.95. I love them all! J wanted the caterpillar (green and black) and M wanted the bee (yellow and black) but we went with the orange and grey. It's a great length and not to heavy for kids so the first one that hasn't gotten pulled off within 5 minutes of put on. C loved wearing it to Gymbaroo with her pink pettiskirt, was looking very Paris catwalk!
I have a wishlist a mile long which has only gotten longer with their sale that has just started with 30-50% off a huge range of stock.

For the boys my favourite is the Keep Guessin' tee ($29.95) and if you have one that likes to race around check out The Flash tee ($24.95). For the girls (besides what I got) check out the It's My Party Dress ($34.95) and the Peppa's Leggings ($10.97 on sale!).

Those of you lucky enough to be near Hootkid in Victoria can have them come out to your house! Get together a group of friends and see each piece in person so you can choose what you want PLUS VIP deals and incentives for hosts, email for more information

Make sure you check out their sale and support this fantastic new business


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Jelly Bean Books said...

I love the dress... so much that I just HAD to have one for Miss J. Thanks Caprice, what a great label :)
~ Christine xx