Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I seem to go through crazes! First it was blogging (failing dismally at that one!), then the scrapbooking picture thing (there is a gorgeous one on my daughters wall and a few hundred $$ worth of products gathering dust in the corner of my room) and now onto parties!

There are so many awesome ideas out there for birthday parties now to make them really fun with things like cake pops, rainbow coloured cookies and amazing cupcakes!

I'm currently planning miss soon to be 3's birthday party with a Ladybird theme. There is a lot around and I could go crazy but as always taking my time trying to find the best deal.

Today though I went and bought lolly jars to do a lolly buffet with the red/black theme so we have pictured above cherry ripes in a jar, in my cupboard I have jaffas, strawberry and creams and Natural Confectionary berry lollies! I think the kids will be going home bouncing off the walls! Hopefully this current craze sticks around for a while so I get some use out of the jars (and they don't get broken at the party!).

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