Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's My Light!

I have been eyeing off My Lights for a longggggg time. They look so cool and would complete any child's room.

You start by choosing your box colour. The basic setup of a white, blue, red or green box is $129.95 including postage, then for the premium ones of Champagne pink, Blue sparkle, Golden yellow and Metallic grey it's an extra $10.

Next you put the name you want in. You can choose from 16 fonts and change the spacing and size, if you want it in script like the picture above it's an extra $2 a letter as it takes longer to manufacture but worth the price as it looks amazing! If you have troube deciding hand it over to their capable hands with what they think would look best.

Then finally you get to choose the light colour. They all come with white light or you can choose pink for an extra $10 but if you want to go all out you can get the RGB light. This light comes with a remote control, goes through 16 colours, you can dim it, strobe it or leave it on one colour you like, it's an extra $40 and I must say totally worth it!

We decided to get one for Charlize for her Christmas present (shhhhh don't tell her!) as she already has way to many clothes and there are toys all over the house so we wanted something just for her.

Her one is pictured below and I went with the Champagne Pink box, Corsiva font and spaced it a little and then the RGB light. Let's just say it is so much more awesome than I thought it would be and my bad photography doesn't do it justice! When I told hubby the price he nearly flipped, lol, but as soon as I turned it on he said 'we need to get all the girls one!!!', it felt like a disco in the room as we went through all the different light settings.
We will be using ours as a nightlight as they don't overheat with the LED light strip and only run on 12V that plugs in. I will have it set up on a set of drawers so none of the girls can get a hold of it!

I think this would be the ultimate baby shower gift if the person knew what they were having and had a name picked out as it's something that the child will keep forever and it will always be remembered who gave it to them. Would be lovely to put in as a group of friends or family once bub came along as well especially for those like us that have 3 girls and overflowing drawers lol.

Owned and run by Vanessa and Greg in Adelaide they handcraft each light here in Australia where it is made out of aluminium composite that is recycled from other sectors in the manufacturing industry, they are always trying to make the business as environmentally friendly as they can from around the office to the end product.

Check out the gallery for inspiration or follow mylight on Facebook to keep up to date with any new happenings and sometimes giveaways! They also do laybuy now so no excuses!

Until the end of October we have a special code that can get you $10 off your light! Enter MY10 at the checkout so get designing!!!


juliet said...

Lucky Charlize :)

I hadn't thought of the fact that it would be a present that would long outlast clothes or toys.

Would not look out of place at all in a teenagers room or on the bookcase in a loungeroom.

What a perfect 1st Christmas present!!!

(friend is pregnant and due in around 6 months...must keep this in mind!!)

Tara Christides said...

Thanks for this blog Caprice :) I have been eyeing off mylights for so long as well and this convinced me that we need them! Especially with the layby and discount code ;)

Toni hill said...

Omg! These lights a gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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Look forward to hearing from you.