Friday, April 9, 2010

Great fun for the wetter weather - Playsand!

It's not often I blog about something the day I get it but had to while my excitement was still fresh with this one.

Playsand would be a hit in any household with kids between 2-10 or any age really! I had so much fun helping Miss J out with her butterfly (pictured below) earlier today. A single pack, like this, is just $6 plus P&H.

If you want something different for your child's birthday party and for the guests to take home as a souvenir there are party packs for 10 or 15 children (pictured below) where they get 2 cards each to do. It would probably be messy with the younger ages unless they each had an adult to help them but older kids could do it themselves.

Start off with the darker colours first before doing the whites and yellow last. We started with the black border then randomly did colours, going back to some as J decided where they all went. I think no matter where you did certain colours the picture will always come out great! There are actually 50 different card designs and 18 sand colours to choose from! Sure you could find something to match your birthday party theme. I think a take home kit would be a lot nicer option than a lolly bag.

Fundraising options also available, your school/daycare/fete keep the profits of what is sold and can return the unsold cards.

If you are in Perth they can also come out to your birthday party!!! (please invite me lol)

Really can't rave enough about this activity it is just so much fun. Make sure you check out the site and keep up to date with the latest news and giveaways on facebook. Let me know if your child does one as well as I'd love to see the results or if you know of a unique, wet weather activity like this please share.


tchristides said...

Was this easy for J Preece? I was thinking about it for Cole but wasn't sure if he would still be a bit young.
Looks great and I would love to try it out regardless!

preece said...

Youd need to help him peel the stickers and take the excess sand off but he would love it Tara, great for something different and he will love showing his artwork off, J still shows everyone hers