Saturday, March 27, 2010

Owl addiction

After heading to Mathilda's Market last week I couldn't believe how many of the stalls had owls in their clothing, toys and accessories.

Miss J is currently obsessed with owls thanks to Giggle & Hoot on ABC2 and the first stall we saw at the markets was MillaRuby Designs with their gorgeous owl toys. The owl pictured below from MillaRuby is actually called Hoot the Owl! Think it's telling me to buy it! The photo really doesn't do it justice, in real life they are so cute even hubby wanted to get it for Miss J. Lucky they were so busy I could hardly get in near the stall so saved my pennies for another day. Make sure you also check out their owl headbands and nappy stacker. If you ask Caddie on her facebook fan page she could probably whip you up something owl related as she has a heap of wall pictures with onesies, boys sets or maybe one of her pinnies.

OOBI have a heap of owl prints available in their fabulous clothing range, check out Shophouse for some lounge sets, caps and hoodies.

Another one from Mathilda's was Dotty Spot Designs, check out their Hoot the Owl personalised canvases. Hayley and Rachael can put your little owl addict's name in the owl tree. I love the green one.

Cocoon Couture is another store where you can get something to hoot about! Pictured below is one of their gorgeous beanbags, with multiple colours you can find one to match your child's room or playroom. The owls are also on their bag range for kindy or the library, room accessories (check out the Enchanted Tree also pictured below) and funky wall art. You could do a whole owl room from the one place!

I love looking through madeit for something different and to support WAHMs and stumbled on this gorgeous owl apron and teatowel set.

Bebe Online is where you can get the Cocoon Couture owl range direct and also the beautiful owl linen from Dwell Studio. The linen comes in a stroller blanket, Duvet set and cot linen.

Would love to hear from other people who have owl loving kids and what you have found around the web.

Are you all owled out yet?

Hoot, hoot, hoot.


Anonymous said...

Heheh Preece I love owls, and I love that they are everywhere! My two love giggle&hoot too, especially watching hoot fly to his home. I'll have to check out Mathilda's market in Mebourne sometime I think ;)

wgtnness said...

Wow Caprice, love the Blog. I too have noticed lots of Owl things around these days.

Mel said...

I had to laugh about this as Miss M has only just found Giggle and Hoot and gets so excited when she hears the theme music. Only thing is now when she sees an owl she goes 'hoo hoo' and she can't say hoot.