Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So much choice!

There is so much choice for those of us with girls now when it comes to hair accessories. Buttons, bows, clips, slides and all types of bands.

I've mentioned some of my favourites before like BOWtique and Madeleine Designs and here are some more of my favourites.

Above is Miss J with a hair pieces from Joallie Petit. What I love about Joallie Petit is that they are built to last even little hands that pull things apart. Each piece is exquisitely made with a huge amount of attention to put into each piece you can tell they are made with love. I haven't seen anything else around like the pieces found at Joallie Petit. I love the vintage look on the above piece titled 'I want to live in Paris', at $8.95, and next on my wishlist in the Grosgrain headband 'Coccinelle', $12.95, that is currently out of stock and I'm wishing I got when I last saw it up the markets! A must have for every little ladybird lover.

Pictured below on Miss C is a piece from Pinkberrykisses. I love their use of a little bit of bling to enhance the pieces. I have a few of the Sassy headbands, $9.95, which look fabulous on all ages whether they have lots of hair or none at all. They have a huge range of colours and you can also find interchangeable headbands in a wide range of colours to attach clips onto. I'd also love to try the VIP Memberships where you can choose between 6 months or 12 months for a snappie or headband every month sent out to you, starting at $35 it's great for those of us that have trouble deciding or lose about one clips/headband a month!

And finally Bubbly Bowtique. The girls had great fun (pictured below) trying them on when they arrived. Miss J particularly liked the Minnie Mouse theme and Miss C just wanted to grab and eat it! Ones like this you have to beware around Miss Ms age (21 months) as she tend to pull them out then tries to pull the ribbons apart, have managed to grab them off her before this happens so far! The prices are great with none of the single bands, bows or snaps over $7. Check out the cute little Easter Bunny just in time for Easter at $4. Bubbly Bowtique also have a competition going on right now on their Facebook page so go check it out!

I'd love to know where everyone else buys there's from and what they have bought. Those that saw my post last weekend of the new clip hanger I made know I have spaces to fill!

Must also mention the first picture was shot by the fabulous Perth photographer Angelique Lee. She is amazing with kids so if you are in Perth and need a photographer shé's your gal!

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Angelique said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your mentioning me. Much appreciated! Keep up the great info!