Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Machiko Baby - Miss J's new summer dress

After 3 girls I'm a little over pink! Though it's Miss J's favourite colour still, once they move past the size 2 stage there seems to be a greater choice of not pink outfits. So when I saw Machiko Baby ask for reviewers on their blog I was a very happy lady! They have such a great choice of cool clothing in a wide range of sizes and I had been eyeing off the Rope tie dress by Fresh Baked for a while. The hard decision was which to pick between the yellow and the stripe. The stripe looks very nautical but as you can see by the photos I went with the yellow.

The dress, in both styles, range from a 0 to a 7 but a few sizes in the yellow have already sold out.

It's a perfect dress for summer, made out of 100% cotton. Great for the playground as it doesn't fly up when running around or going down slides and washes up really well if they do get grubby (which mine always do!). The pattern is of a tree with birds and little red love hearts on their wings and tails. I love the rope tie which makes it stand out from other dresses. Priced at $39.95 I can tell this will be worn regularly over the Summer/Autumn period and could be paired up with leggings or even jeans in cooler weather. The service from Machiko Baby was fantastic, very friendly and made it to Perth in pretty good time for the Christmas period!

The day I took these pictures we hit the park and playground and Miss J loved running around in her dress, she kicked her shoes off and hit the slides, swings and the surfboard without any trouble or any knicker flashes!

Makes sure you also check out the clearance stock section to grab some bargains and keep up to what is happening on their Facebook page.


Machiko Baby said...

Fabulous story and of course Miss J looks super cute in the dress.

I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts too

Jelly Bean Books said...

Nice choice Caprice - they have some really lovely clothes at Machiko! ~ Christine